What to do if an iPad is stolen

Whatever the theme may be obvious, but sooner or later you need to know what to do when you are stolen iPad. And while some aspects apply to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iMac, I want to take advantage of it to personalize it in honor of what I learned one day over there:

1 Avoid exposing yourself to theft as much as possible.

The iPhone is a necessary communication tool at all times, the iPad is a work tool. He replaced our paper diary, pencil, laptop, camera, book and gameboy. So we must avoid exposing it unnecessarily, who expects to steal electronic consumables will follow it and will look for any oversight.

  • If you are going to have lunch, do not leave it on the desk, but under the key even though everyone in your office is honorable.
  • If it is forgetful, do not take it to any side where it is not urgent.
  • If you are going to eat with a friend, do not take it, it is a tool of work, not a distractor in moments that must be dedicated to important people.
  • If you carry it in the car, do not carry it in the seat on the side, the tank in front, or in the door tray. Do not carry your child in the back seat playing Angry Birds, do not use it while driving. And above all, do not take the glass open in the urban area, every day it is more common for a motorcycle to stop next to it at the traffic lights or slow traffic, force you to give it the mobile phone, wallet, or whatever is in sight .
  • Carrying it hidden in the car may be more useful than you think, especially if your car is stolen.
  • If you go to the mall with your children, if it is not necessary, do not take it. Separate that work tool from family life, at home you can use it to watch Facebook or play with your children (because it also serves as an entertainment tool)
  • And if you must take it, then make sure you know how to hide it. An iPad mini fits in the middle of a notebook, in the inner bag of the jacket, even under the arm.

2. Know beforehand what you will do if you lose it.

No one expects you to succeed, but it is best to be prepared for it, so keep these recommendations in mind.
  • Keep the GPS activated always. These objects bring a device, so if it is stolen, you can track the Internet where it is, or at least where the thief went.
  • Keep the iPad search application installed, and activate the functionality in the general settings. In previous versions of iOS this could be disabled, now requires the user key. Keep in mind that it only works when your computer is connected to the Internet, so if you are in another country and do not have an active SMS, it will be difficult.
  • Keep a key active on iCloud.com, and try beforehand how the location of the device works. If your device is stolen on the street, for no reason follow the thief, go straight to an Internet and think about what to do. If you left it forgotten, you only need to identify where it is. If you do not identify it, it is possible to configure that a message arrives to the mail when the computer connects to the Internet, for this you must activate the theft mode option, which will also save a position on the map each time you connect.
  • Keep the lock key active. It is somewhat uncomfortable to be digitizing at every moment, but before a theft or loss, it gives you some time before running to reset it for fear that they take out important information.
  • Enter the accounts you think are open on the iPad and close the active sessions. Facebook and Gmail allow this without having to change the password. Remember what kind of accounts you use frequently, preferably have them posted, such as Twitter, Skype, Dropbox, if necessary change the password, this can be done with peace of mind while the device is blocked.
  • Once accounts are closed, if the device is not connected to the Internet you can dare to unblock it, if the thief is stupid you could try to connect to the Internet. If you have the photos synchronized with Dropbox, you could even see the photos that the guy does and could be used for something, even if it's to throw curses at him.

3 Decide what to do to get it back

  • If you see that the device is still connected, one way to follow it is with an iPhone connected to the Internet, you only have to register there that you want to find another device, activate the key of Apple and you can follow it. Do not follow it on foot.
  • If you are in your same building or office, quiet, just get as close as possible and activate the sound. It might sound on the toilet lid, in the suitcase of his co-worker or even in the pants of an old woman ... Know what he will tell you.
  • If you are in a public place, try to recover it but do not go alone, it could be a guard of the establishment.
  • If you are in a pawn shop you will need the bill and possibly a police order.
  • If you are in a dangerous area, reconsider how much your life is worth. It could be that you end up losing your other iPhone, your car and even your life. Depending on the country where you are, see if you can trust the local police for a rescue operation, nobody wants to gain enemies in the future because of an artifact that has no soul.

4 What to do if you can not track it

Previous versions of iPad were very easy to reset or deactivate the gps. They could continue to do so because they do not accept recent versions of iOS.
However, it can happen with new devices. There are very specialized thieves and honestly there is no guarantee if once the equipment is turned off it can be located.
  • If it detects that the device is not recoverable, from the iCloud account select to delete content. With this you will be calm.
  • Do not forget to report the theft, because it could appear in a crime scene and the report can avoid a mess. They also have a mobile chip that criminals can use for extortion.
  • Do not suffer, do not cry, do not be martyred, or let your wife preach to you. Just accept that it happened to you by maje. Excuse the word, but the day you lose it you will not feel less.
Then think about how to buy another and from now on better be more paranoid. If you had been using it for a year, you will realize that you can not live without it.
Just ask: Why a total station that costs 9,000 dollars does not have a device to recover it? A simple iPod of 250 dollars has it; Sure we would be willing to pay extra for that.

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  1. Hahaha. I do not know because I seem to be drawn from a real life story

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