Because it's called Microstation V8i

Today, as we had announced, Bentley launched its 8i version for its entire product portfolio, with a released page for that end, with videos and opinions of different users. Although several of the links in the press releases they have sent have a wrong ftp address.

I remember that the 2001 version of AutoCAD was called 2000i, I do not remember why, I think because it was "equal" to the 2000, Microstation V7 j was called when they implemented the development in Java ... that in V8 they left it for .NET so within a Year everyone will talk about V8i, reality. Before trying it I will "smoke" in the meaning of the i, based on the publicity that today they have made us arrive after the virtual conference, very nice but for the connection "ñola" of these parts it became too slow.

image Integration it seems to be the word that most defines the corporate identity that carries this version, although it was expected a while ago, it is understood by a redesign that has made all the applications criollas and acquired under a single architecture. Although I expected it to come from the concept "Smart", although in several of its documents suggest it, I do not think they have implemented them at all levels, as it seems to happen with AutoDesk in a good reflection of Txus of the transition from CAD to BIM.

But the I must be demonstrated, a launch with so much mystery must be based on a high expectation, reason why they have released a limited quantity of copies in the hope of finding opinions, if I'm lucky I'll get one, if not ... I'll wait until they tell me.

Modular Design based on Intuition:

image Design and visualization are increasingly reduced to a single action, this means that the near-real-time rendering is from the first few strokes of a twisted building with Generative Components to its actual construction to control supervision and mechanical design.

Interaction, Dynamic views:

image The "Display Sets" expands, such that the 2D ceases to exist or at least coexists with the 3D ... ???

It is not very clear, but it seems that they looked for ways to load the 2D.

Geocordination Intrinsic:

image It is understood that now, all Bentley tools support and can be displayed under a single reference system to the flight, no matter what external application they come from ... it is understood that under OGC standards?

Performance Amazing:

It sounds like a green Hulk, but this is what users have said: "we have accessed 20 mb file and managed it 55 times faster". We will have to see if this is beyond the handling of data via LAN and WAN, where they have gotten strong to SharePoint and Project Wise.


image Although we applaud it, this is not a novelty, rather a debt because we understood interoperability not only because it read the neighborhood formats but because it supported standards. So now they claim to be ready: LandXML, OGC, ISO 15925, WML, IFC ... or at least so it seems to say an extensive white paper of 21 pages.

Anyway we like to know that there are Innovation, that continues to be V8, that respects standards and shares them so that those of the competition can save the money that costs the simple "import / eXport". It also seems a very good idea, after almost three years of acquisitions, not to patch software but to re-develop it under the same architecture.

Now it remains to be seen how they defend and market their I.

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