Windows Live Writer 2011

Of the best tools that exist for the offline management of blogs. For something he gained positive criticism of the geeks when saying: "incredible, and it's from Microsoft"

The 2011 version of Live Writer is different from its predecessor in terms of interface, although the functionalities are almost the same with some improvements.


The clash with the insurance interface at the beginning for those who used the earlier version, because it brings ribbon (ribbon) to the Office 2007 style. But with some practice you can find again functionalities that at first seem to be hidden or that differ, such as:

  • The choice of blogs, which is in the main page tab.
  • The treatment of images, which now brings more options but being a horizontal bar disorients a little. Maybe I'll find it later, but I do not see the option to add the default effect of the blog to an image.
  • The routine to open published files, which is on the rectangular button on the corner, which in Office is usually circular. But also in the upper tape you can activate common routines such as saved, new entry and preview.
  • Something annoying is the insertion of hyperlinks, which adds the input http:// that seems absurd to me, since no one manually type this, usually it is brought via copy / paste from the browser and with some haste the link will be broken.


It is likely that the Ribbon causes discomfort when the commonly used tools are dispersed in tabs. But that is solved with the right mouse button, and choosing the option to send it to the upper fast access tape; then swallow the habit because it is irreversible.

What makes different and better

Only runs on Windows 7, perhaps a disadvantage for those who hope to hibernate for a while in XP. But if we despise that lightness, the potential of Windows 7 makes it faster, it can be perceived.

  • It must have improved its interaction with platforms that support RSD (Really Simple Discoverabilit), because it goes up much faster than in the previous version that even came to hang if the connection was not very fast or duplicated the post.
  • Now there is no limit on entries when opening a published article. Previously I only supported 500, now has option to 1000, 3000 and a following to "all". Pity that in this part it lacks improvement of web interaction, because instead of looking directly for the web style feed, it collects it to then search on this.
  • You should see what a "delete" option does, available in the entry search panel. I do not dare to try it, because if that eliminates an online entry, it is too dangerous to be there; I get the impression that it's only for local tickets.
  • Complicates much less in the recognition of the blog manager, but still has some problems to emulate the template as it does with Blogger.

To install requires some libraries of Live Escentials, an interesting smoke of Windows 7 that is more than what was previously Windows Installer. Particularly I did not find the change difficult, probably because I am excited not to return to XP after last week decided to format my computer and move to Windows 7, a change that impresses many things, from the first encounter with Paint up to the power with which Manifold GIS runs.

In conclusion, Live Writer is still the best in WYSIWYG editors for blogs. Although we would expect that Microsoft does not neglect its improvement because although it is free, there are open source or private initiatives that can be positioned with greater functionalities for mobile or multiplatform.

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