Change uppercase to lowercase with Microsoft Word and something else

images (6) Word 2007 and its ribbon, Such as AutoCAD We left some things out of control at the times we are in a hurry.

The problem

I was looking to convert text from lowercase to uppercase, which was once a click in the menu. No idea where it is, and if it is there I did not have enough patience, so I started to try combinations of keys, shift, ctrl, alt, and functions F2, F4, etc.

Finally (late) I blew it's Shift + F3.

Lowercase letters 2007

The text is selected, then Shift + F3, and in the first instance, the first few letters of the text are capitalized:

Lowercase letters 2007

If Shift + F3 is applied again, it will capitalize everything:

Lowercase letters 2007

The other problem

Without realizing that key was, I was activated some rare characters of brackets in the images, hyperlinks, footer, bold ... nothing was the same, only brought to my memory what we did on the blue screen of Word Perfect.

Lowercase letters 2007

This happens because the field codes were activated. It would have to see the suffering that I passed, because however I wanted, with everything and my knowledge of geofumar to the sublime was impossible until I looked for an Internet connection.

To activate or deactivate it is used Alt + F9

Lowercase letters 2007

In case you want to change uppercase to lowercase with Excel, it is done with the following functions:

MAYUSC to shift to upper case

MINUSC to move to lowercase

NOMBREP to capitalize the first letter

Assuming the cell was the A2, then:

= LOWER (A2) Change the text to all lowercase (juan carlos perdomo)
= PROPER (A2) Change text to title type (Juan Carlos Perdomo)

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  1. Thanks for putting the hyperlinks and the images in bracket !!!, it's been a year since I was seeing them in brackets and nowhere came out like changing them

  2. Excellent, Thanks for posting it was a great help.

  3. And ... by any chance will someone know how to pass an image to "Watermark"? In the previous Word I simply selected the image, selected "Image Format" and there simply and without much work I chose "Watermark". Not now, now you have to go "groping" until you achieve what you want. I know there are softwares to modify images, but first I didn't have to use them. I know it has "Watermark", but for "Page background", it doesn't work that way.
    If anyone knows where this application is, thank you.
    Greetings from Carracas, Venezuela.

  4. Hello Monica, that option to move from lowercase to uppercase is there, but not the reverse, from uppercase to lowercase or uppercase the first letter of the words.

  5. I am then the only one who thinks differently, I am recommending to all my looks, I find it very intuitive and with great facilities when using specific functions, for example, if you are with a table, you have all the options in the toolbar By hand, that with just passing the courses give you the option to see the result, if you are with images too, and so on. And the problem that you said about the CAPS, I do not find it so far-fetched: you select the text that you want to pass in capital letters, and in the menu of the page, inside the box of Source, you have a date that you can display, you are opened a window where All the options appear, and one of them is CAPITAL.

  6. Therefore, I, my dear friend, use the Word 2003 .... And your entire suite.
    According to MS, the change in his previous suite, which I believe was called 2005, was based on "studies on user behavior ... blah blah blah".
    The truth is that his "focus group" in my opinion did not lead to good results. I use the Office suite from the 95 and I get used to all its shortcuts that never changed…. to these last two suites.
    The frustration I had when I wanted to find the option and I did not find it.
    So I solved it by loading the 2003 on my PC. Of course, if in another encounter someone "updated", no way, although I discovered certain uses of the right click that gave me results.

    CONCLUSION: These last suites are not as intuitive as they pose and should have drawn their conclusions. Anyway…
    Greetings from Peru

  7. I feel your suffering as if it were mine ;-), I also hate it and everything takes me much longer than before, and with excel and access it's even worse

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