Is it worth having a blog?


It does not seem very responsible such a crude statement without a context and the adequate explanation of what we are understanding to have a blog or that is what we value.

On several occasions I have commented that Geofumadas was born with the idea of ​​satisfying an obsession to write and also to return an economic value for the discipline of doing it. Time has been showing that the balance to look for both things is functional, although not everything is so simple as to summarize it in such a short post.


In the photo my son making the demonstration of the jump in pump half a second before falling into the water. I hang here to balance your dissatisfaction with the previous post Totally dedicated to my daughter's abilities.

What we call having a blog

Having a blog is understood as having control over a space in which it is written on a regular basis, on a theme addressed to a particular sector, a contact with the readers and the conscience that is going to enjoy doing all the above.

The regularity to write is relative, it can be a daily entry, about two per week or a fortnightly. It depends on the time that is counted and the subject that passionate the occasion. The theme should not be so closed that there is no place to drop the side human, Although a trend must be maintained for a particular sector of people who share similar interests and who in time feel that space brings value to the sector.

Then there must be something in all this that we like. Writing is not for everyone, not if you want to do it with regularity for an audience that mostly only has an IP number, that as fast as it came from Google it goes to another place with the same keyword under the arm.

You have to be patient to find and understand a small segment that does not go beyond 15% of daily visits, which creates loyalty to a writer who knows only the fingers. Anonymity can be maintained but over time the human side must be shown, even if we do not share the same criteria. The reader must know their tastes, their complexes, their fears, their way of seeing life and then photographs of their daily environment, work, family environment, travel places may make sense.

Beyond it requires human warmth striving to maintain a relationship with a smaller segment that is below the 3% that comments, sends an email to the publisher, Retweets, Wiggle or share in a social network a topic that they found interesting. The remaining 7% remains faithful in anonymity, out of curiosity, respect, admiration and I feel that even by aversion.

After three years we can learn that what we pretended to know was not enough, but that it has served as a seed to understand other things. In addition, it has been more learning gain than what we have released as our own.

We call it "worth it"

This does not necessarily have to do with money, the satisfaction is in a degree of return in relation to the investment. If passion is invested, there should be a return of greater passion, it is clear that that is not my main focus as blogs are like Chocolate Dance, Where Angy sure recognizes the profitability behind the many affective comments of its readers that more than being cronies of a subject are friendly although they are to the other side of the continent, that are not of its geomatic race but that delight in every drop of inspiration With which each key was pressed.

We must also understand that the time spent on a blog is worth money, that we could be using in productive work, space with the family, rest, travel, sale of services, education, etc. All this, has an investment cost and therefore should have a return that replaces the waste of time.

The innovation of others has benefited blog writers, of which there are some even famous, with networks that defend their rights. What once cost was simplified with companies that have made the advertising and sale of links an interesting business that finally works. From this I can summarize some that I have used in Geofumadas:

  • Google ads, annoying to some, unnecessary to others, but a primitive way to monetize traffic from clicks.
  • The sponsored posts, some from Zync, others from Reviewme. There are not many, but also if they fit in space, they pay bills and after the fall of last year they have recovered little by little.
  • The ads requested, these are the ones that a company or another blogger requests directly, either in the Blogroll or within the post. This rents more -a lot more- but to have it takes care that the sponsor feels that it is strategic.
  • The requests for influence, these are not necessarily sponsored ads but requirements to see if it is interesting news, a topic, a product, a business and taking advantage of the amount of influence you can have, make a Tweet, wig, deliciouseo, facebookeo ...

What stranger names we have come to coin. Fortunately, Cervantes is no longer here.

That rent more

The above examples are alternatives -Not the only ones- that the web has made it easier for Internet boards to search for something that rewards their passion for writing. But writing on the Internet alone is not profitable in our Hispanic environment, not for us who are amateur writers, who dedicate ourselves to other things by day and write at night.

You need to have something to offer, this can be influence, knowledge, contacts, products or services.

Over time, the provision of specialized services comes by inertia and you must be prepared for it. In the case of a photo blog there will be demand for services for the photographer, in the case of technological products there will be demand for the sale of these, the case of a geospatial technology blog may be the development of systems or the timely assistance in a draft.

Preferably you must be ready to provide services or offer products that do not require physical presence. The Internet helps a lot in this and you should take advantage of it. Invitations to events should not be wasted, not to go learn more but to invest in professional relationships that will bear fruit in time.

So, after a couple of years of systematic writing, the specialist consultancy will arrive and rent more -Much more-. And then it is must be time to do these things in a Sabbatical minute Without totally neglecting the blog or at least warn.

What if it's worth having a blog?

If we refer to writing with profitable discipline and satisfactions.


5 Replies to "Is it worth having a blog?"

  1. Of course if it is xecelente to have a blog and more for those who want to openly express the world and say what you feel and what you believe and what better means than this through the internet, and even more share an intellectual, technical and Better if this goes hand in hand with an economic retribution over time.

    All fine, go ahead

  2. Of course it is worth it! You are right and if there was something that "hooked" me to this space, besides learning, it is the human side, because you always rescue everyday things that remind us that you are a normal person, that you put energy and desire and that nothing is free, To get something you have to work!
    For me, without a doubt, it's worth it, because as you say the affection that comes to me (and this week has unexpectedly come from an anonymous reader very dear) from many places is priceless and always returns me more inspiration ...
    Thank you for remembering me one more time.

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