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WordPress is perhaps the most popular blogging platform for those who take it very seriously. From the moment a user manages to make it work, there is a constant dependence on plugins, themes, tricks and tips to know their optimization.

For these users Wpdesigner is an interesting alternative, because although the page maintains a rather sober appearance, its author has for several years taught tricks ranging from a template from scratch to advanced tips and free templates.

wp designer

I noticed an entry called 10 best web hosting sites, which in a flat table shows a comparison of ten hosting providers. Surely for someone who is looking for a lodging, after seeing this entry could end up deciding on one of them because among the aspects that come into the comparison are:

  • The price
  • Installation
  • The domain
  • Storage capacity
  • Money back guarantee

Unfortunately the links to the content are very poor and make it seem that there is not much behind this blog that exists since May of 2006. Maybe you could use some pages that summarize their content separating what are tricks, templates and tutorials instead of having to navigate through the site.

But if you want to spend time knowing how to build a WordPress template from scratch, Wpdesigner is the place.

Link: Wpdesigner

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