2010 legacy

What to say, when I'm a few hours to go on vacation, I loose what the wind was about to take and that j * dida stuck because the golden goal is no longer valid. Although in a couple of topics I prayed with tears.

From the Honduran crisis

31665 Well, not much news. You just have to take a look at the last pages of 100 Years of Solitude, and they will see that the coup plotters and beaten are bound to the libretto, some by mandate, others inertia, 16 after the play.

But, well, to President Lobo everyone recognizes him -cases- except a few, and he of course does not believe it yet.

The Ecuadorians, if they want to hit Correa, have to come to be given a first-class chair. I think with a couple of days they are taught how to iron the bunny pajamas.

Of the best that Zelaya could do, to awaken the initiative to break the bipartisanship and that stings in the people for the right to participate. Although the issue goes for long, the social debt is high and there are always other interests behind it.

The year is worn around the same vegetable, that you leave, that you come, that you do not come, that I do not go. Interesting circus, that if we ignore him we would end up crazy and we would forget that we have to fight for our puppies that have tasks with which to help them.

From my personal stress

End of the year is difficult, occupations and careers, the stress ends up coming to 4.125. But it has been a rewarding year, my son graduated, the girl who lights my eyes too, in the process he learned to drive; It's funny that I expected to lie down for a while while she drives, but the pressure to not drive in the middle of the road and the fear of piggy taxi drivers has not allowed me to rest and more has returned a throbbing pain in my back.

The doctor said it was the column -years-.

But I did a hundred new miles, those that were not possible by plane, I did them by train, in ticabus, in trolleybus, even because of the fans of Fantasy I had to call one day to wait for me with the beast. Finally it is good to be healthy and in a good mood.

From the international crisis

Fortunately, Obama said it was over, otherwise we would be in recession another two years. My friend in Houston says that now they sell more houses, if something they thank the man is the magic touch of winning the Nobel in advance and that one in three Flukes They come out.

In any case it was an interesting exercise with which we were taught to practice saving. Many companies took the opportunity to redefine issues they had in mind many days ago, some for the better.

Another crisis is already in sight in the Far East. I have nothing against capitalism, I am aware that there is nothing better than fighting in a fair fight, competing and seeing the results of that. But it is bad that some threads decide when the world economy should fall, that with only the twit Close forty companies in a large town, leave 40,000 unemployed and that until 3 years later it can be evidenced that half of them went illegal to the north -Or Spain-.

CAD / GIS technologies

Of the best, the look of AutoDesk to Mac. Not because I'm going to buy an Air (I'm not missing) but because of the trend that will mark for third parties to look back at the CAD environment.

It seems that the moment Apple is coming, 4 10 Gadgets Chosen By Times as 2010 disclosures are white. The only thing that Apple needs is to be cheaper, and for that what is required is that the market turns towards that, then all will manufacture Artilfugios Compatible with manzanita.

While there were other novelties in the gadget world for games, they still do not set a trend in the geospatial environment. Open technologies insist on seeking sustainability, that's good.

From Internet

Networks go, networks no longer come. The business models of Facebook and Twitter seem to have the best slice, or at least the most promising in our contexts.

I wanted to comment more, but I hope in the holiday to do a review of my predictions last Christmas.

From my team

Of the best, pity that I must decimate it to enter a new stage. 2010 has been a very rewarding year in labor matters. Although he has had bad times, I feel optimistic that it will end with a good flavor.

Do not

A pity not to have had a conviviality with the whole group, and to thank them for their commitment. No more concertaciones, closings, councils, time to rest for all. Have a good time Don F !, don W !, don M! P! N! or! M M And all other m!

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