XPERIA mini X10, first encounter with Android

Within the plans of Geofumadas for the year 2012 is the test of Android applications, considering that it is an irreversible trend. We are aware that Apple will always be well positioned at the mobile level but unlike anything that turns behind the closed circle of Apple, Android will inevitably grow.

So in 2012 we will be leveling what we have Shown with iPad, With equivalent applications. To test this we have decided to accept an Ericsson toy that Serves to make calls ... point; The rest remains to be seen because its size hardly suggests that it is to be communicated, not to navigate or learn Tricks for Angry birds.

We refer to the Sonny Ericsson XPERIA mini X10, whose premise is to be a device with which you can do everything with one hand; From the saying to the fact there is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...

  • In much the way of navigation of the sliding panels and their personalization looks like the iPhone / iPad, of course it does not work the zoom to the same style gestural (not in this, but in the HTC); So when navigating in Google Maps you have to be clicking one by one.
  • Very good, Timescape, a space where you can focus events, such as messages received, missed calls, Twitter or Facebook updates ...
  • Practical, it has radio, gps, supports 3G connection and wi-fi without much return. Xperia ericson X10 mini
  • The keyboard is tactile, the style implemented by Nokia, but another model brings a qwerty that makes you lose the profit of the mini: its size and what made it achieve the design awards Red Punto and EISA Awards.
  • But the best and the reason we have chosen it is because its operating system is Android, based on the Linux kernel and with a development on a Java framework. Although Android Inc. Inc. was bought by Google, the creation of the Open Handset Alliance assumes favorable expectations.

Difference between Android apps and Apple apps

The issue can become half controversial because Android fans tend to fight for taste and Apple users have extreme fidelity. But I want to introduce it so that it serves as a reference when we make comparisons between applications.

The tyranny of Apple was born long ago and will not change over time. Steve Jobs hardly increased the suit and closed the circle more. So there's nothing left but to suffer the characteristics of Apple and enjoy its advantages:

  • It is well positioned, although an iPhone is worth an eye and iPad was questioned, predominate in the market with a significant quota.
  • The applications are only uploaded after being tested with a certain level of rigor, so they are usually tools with good level of guarantee and utility to be worth 3 dollars - more or less, more than less.
  • There is no other way to install them, other than through the iTunes account or directly from the Apple store. Closed, true, but it is what has gained them the advantage of not being so easily pirated and keeping the operating system intact.
  • Whoever creates a Mac application must pay an annual US $ 100 account not only to upload it but to keep it alive. It looks like the bulls of other times, but it works; 14 millions of iPads sold in 2010 year certify a profitable model, especially because the Apple user is accustomed to paying, not to pirate.

androidIn the case, Android applications are more open, can be created with less rigor but for the same it is common to find thousands that do not work or serve for everything but for productive things. So the anarchy does not come either, what happens that its growth is such that Amdrpod could be the next Windows!How ugly that sounds! But it will definitely grow in popularity. Google knows that and that is why it bets on death (ours, not theirs); However it takes time and formality for business to stabilize around the unsustainable of the gratuitous.

  • It will grow in popularity, die free (do not open it)
  • It is more open and therefore all companies will bet, not only on development but on sales.
  • Pay applications will mature and survive piracy; It is also expected that the weakness of not all manufacturing companies at the level of the latest version of the operating system will be resolved from the 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

For now I have only downloaded a couple of applications, and just by seeing the message of «We are not responsible for the damage it could cause»I felt Just the feeling of that Night that the Farabundo Martí guerrillas arrived to look for my father, three in the morning, with their burning ocotes and hunting rifles locally seized. My legs trembled, while the man who had been the foreman of the hacienda ran the house, furious that I did not find him ... 13 years later I found him crippled in a hammock, frustrated not to have understood what the revolution meant, I felt sorry for myself Trembling calves.

It is the feeling of the uncertain, it will take less than 13 years to learn to combat the problems of the Android system, I will not have to lose relatives in the war and ...

... the XPERIA mini is definitely practical

6 Replies to "XPERIA mini X10, first encounter with Android"

  1. I do not doubt that Android is a great platform, but it's software ... it depends on the computer you're using to enjoy it.

    Well, you have to search ... until now it has cost me to find a tool like GISPro, Balanced Scorecard or Woopra on Android.

  2. The truth is, the battery is depressing. It is necessary to deactivate the GPS and wireless if they will not be used, also lower the brightness and prevent unnecessary programs from running.

  3. You are quite outdated, and out of focus, I thought that this comment was from the 2009, as it is possible these comments when the android has been in the market for more than 3 years, you are barely knowing it. Everything is summed up in that android is a “free” iphone, if it is true, it is thicker, an 0,001% less sensitive to touch, but its hardware is 400% higher in thin smas models, but I can get an 80% for the 10% of the price of an iphone I can live with that. the applications are the same as everyone but free and improved, of course you have to look for when you have more than 200.000 you can choose the feature you want, for something apple is c ... the scare in two years is over, I'm done with nokia.

  4. Good choice, I have the Xperia X8 and the only mole I see (Au that I think is normal on smartphones) is the battery life.


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