Me, Cadastre and Google Earth

I have just returned from my tour, between creole meals, the pressure of the qualifiers for the World Cup and the satisfactions of work, here I leave an excerpt of some unforgettable sentences of the trade.

The consultants:
"Go ahead!"
-dalog cleanup!

The artists:
-Ufff !!! When do they pay?

The appraisers:
"Do not remind me ..."

The boss:
-Print screen!

Google earth cadaster
Those of the Sokkia:
-Boot that mie ...

The appraisers:
-I want a copy

The boss:
- And Stitchmaps does not download Youtube videos?

The artists:
-Dont hit!!!!!

Google earth cadaster
The geomatics:
-Uuuy, up to 6 offset

The consultants:
-Worse is nothing

The bosses:
-What exactly is Google Earth.

The mayors:

Google earth cadaster
My daughter:
-When you return?

The Mexicans:
-Viva Cuautemoc

And me:
-ZZZzzzz ....

Google earth cadaster

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  1. Hahaha any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence ... very good blog man!

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