ArcGIS Pro course - zero to advanced and ArcPy

Do you want to learn how to use the tools provided by ArcGIS Pro, starting from scratch? This course includes the basics of ArcGIS Pro; data editing, attribute-based selection methods, creation of zones of interest. Then it includes digitizing, adding layers, editing tables and columns in attributes.

You will also learn how to create thematic symbology based on attributes, import data from Excel, analysis of buffers and image georeference. The course includes step-by-step guided exercises applied in the AulaGEO environment. Learn an advanced level of ArcGIS Pro.

The entire course is applied in a single context according to the AulaGEO methodology.

What will they learn?

  • Learn ArcGIS Pro from scratch
  • Create, import data, analyze and generate final maps
  • Learn by doing, through step-by-step use cases - All in one data environment
  • ArcGIS Pro advanced

Requirement or prerequisite?

  • The course is from scratch. So it can be taken by a geo-engineering professional or a design enthusiast.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Everyone who wants to improve their profile and expand their opportunities in geospatial design and analysis.
  • GIS users who have used versions of ArcGIS Desktop and want to learn how to do the process with ArcGIS Pro

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