ArtGEO courses

  • Adobe After Effects - Learn Easily

    AulaGEO presents this Adobe After Effects course, which is an incredible program that is part of Adobe Creative Cloud with which you can create animations, compositions, and special effects in 2D and 3D. This program is often used to…

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  • Microsoft Excel - Basic level course

    Learn Microsoft Excel – Basic level course – is a course designed for all those who want to start in this program that offers multiple tools and solutions for all areas or professions. We emphasize that this is a course of…

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  • Microsoft Excel Course - Intermediate level (2/2)

    In this opportunity we present this intermediate level course, more specifically we consider it the continuity of the advanced level. In this AulaGEO has prepared practical exercises for those who want to learn Excel in a formal way. What will they learn? Excel – advanced level Prerequisite?…

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  • Complete Microsoft PowerPoint Course

    PowerPoint is a Microsoft program, it is developed for Windows and Mac OS environments. The need to learn all the tools that PowerPoint offers to present information in a simple, straightforward and schematic way has increased. Widely used in…

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  • Adobe Photoshop Course

    Complete course Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a photo editor developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Photoshop was created in 1986 and has since become a commonly used brand. This software is mainly used for…

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  • Course Using Filmora to edit videos

    This is a hands-on course, like you sit down with a friend and they tell you how to use Filmora. The real-time instructor shows how to use the program, what options the menus offer you and how a project is developed.…

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