21 Replies to "Available Free - Template to transform UTM coordinates to Geographic"

  1. The way to receive the template is to subscribe using the form, then confirm the subscription with the email that arrives. It immediately sends you to a template download link.

    If you did not see the mail, fill out the form again, and follow the instructions.


  2. Hello I am interested in receiving the information, I find it very helpful. thank you very much

  3. I would like to confirm my subscription and receive the template utm a geográficas. Thank you very much and congratulations for the work

  4. Hello Geofumadas,
    I am going to advise you on a tool to convert the data from these fields in the Field Book to AutoCad. I attach the starting data.

    1 Integrated Images

    Thank you very much in advance
    Gustavo Pérez

    Some time ago we were helpers with another problem of Excel to convert to Google Earth, achieving the goal they had asked us, thanks for everything.

  5. Hello, it would be nice to receive the plantilla, thank you very much

  6. Hello I went back to subscribe but I do not receive the confirmation email, I already did it with two different emails and I reviewed the spam folder and nothing, please could you share the template ?, I hope your comments.

  7. We are updating and migrating our list of subscribers, so if you were already subscribed, we require you to confirm. In doing so you will receive the template.

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