#BIM - Revit MEP Course (Mechanics, Electricity and Plumbing)

Draw, design and document your systems projects with Revit MEP.

  • Enter the design field with BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Master the powerful drawing tools
  • Configure your own pipes
  • Automatically calculate the diameters
  • Design mechanical air conditioning systems
  • Create and document your electrical networks
  • Generate useful and professional reports
  • Present your results with quality plans in half the time.

With this course you will learn how to take advantage of these tools so that the design process of building systems is faster, more efficient and of higher quality.

A new way to manage your projects

Revit software is the world leader in building design using BIM (Building Information Modeling), allowing professionals not only to generate plans but to coordinate the entire building model including design features. Revit MEP is designed to include facilities design tools for buildings.

When you assign MEP elements to a project, you can:

  1. Automatically generate the pipe network
  2. Perform calculations of pressure loss and static pressure
  3. Give pipes size
  4. Improve analysis in the thermal design of buildings
  5. Quickly create and document your home electrical networks
  6. Improve your performance when working on an MEP model

Course Orientation

We will follow the logical order in which you would develop a personal project. Instead of considering each theoretical aspect of the program, we will focus on following the workflow that best suits a real case and give you some tips to get the best results.

You will get prepared files that will allow you to follow the progress of the course from where you consider it most necessary, guiding you to use the tools yourself while watching the classes.

The course content is updated regularly to include important updates or points that can help you improve your learning and you will have access to them in real time so you can improve your continuous skills.

Soon available in English, in AulaGEO

For now the course is only available in Spanish

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