Choosing a Provider for Mass Mail - Personal Experience

The goal of any commercial initiative that makes its presence on the Internet, is always and will be to generate value. This applies both to a large company that has a website, which expects to translate visitors into sales, and to a blog that expects to have new followers and retain loyalty in existing ones. In both cases, the management of subscribers for send bulk emails is a very serious challenge, considering that a bad decision can end from a penalty by the search engines to the closing of the site for violating policies of the law of the country where the site is hosted.

Because of the importance of this topic, I thought about this article, that if someone had written it for me a few years ago, I would have avoided a problem that led me to change domain provider, have the site closed for a week and go back to recover the image before the search engines, in particular Google. Although there are different providers, the article in particular is based on analyzing the potential of Malrelay with respect to MailChimp; Congratulations if someone is useful.

Double validation.

There are very obvious things in this, which is of more than mention it. However for general culture, a list of subscribers is not a collection of emails taken from there. It is important to have a manager that guarantees that subscriptions have double validation. The first alert you will receive by sending incorrect mass mailings will be from your hosting provider who will ask you to guarantee how you obtained the subscription of some 15 email accounts taken at random; if you have double validation, you must provide the subscription date and the double validation ip, and with that you will save your skin; if you do not have how to give that information or you invent it, the domain provider will not complicate fighting against who is above him and will tell you that he can not give you more service; that you have 7 days to make a backup and move to another hosting. Both MailChimp and Mailrelay offer the option of double validation; although in particular, I would prefer a service that has servers hosted in Europe and not in the United States; very particular criteria, after my bad past experience.

The free service option for small lists.

Mass mailing services always give you a number of shipments a month for free.

  • As an example, MailChimp gives you the option to send up to an average of 7.5 monthly emails to a total of up to 2.000 followers; that is, 15.000 per month.
  • Mailrelay gives you the option to send an average of 6.25 emails to a total of 12.000 followers, per month: that is, up to 75.000 emails per month, with your free service.

It goes without saying that the Mailrelay offer exceeds MailChimp, considering that from 1.000 valid subscribed followers it is already considered a profitable potential. At least, this is what gurus say about this topic.

Value-added payment services.

The question of why to pay is associated with the management of large accounts. Having more than 12.000 valid subscribers, is an economic potential that no one would waste, unless you ignore the value of mail marketing; For us in Geofumadas, the value of a valid subscriber is equivalent to 4.99 dollars; with which 12.000 subscribers would have a value that exceeds the 50.000 dollars. With that potential, it makes sense to pay for a service with which it is well used, it could make an Internet initiative profitable and boost the opening of new opportunities.

It pays more, for services that reduce the risk of blacklisting by mass mailing. This implies sending by SMTP and autoresponders, which does not exceed the shipping limit per minute, as well as the creation of sales tunnels, services that combine insurance to exceed the monthly shipping limit. If we add the option of segmentation of lists according to attributes, such as the country or language, we would be talking beyond simple distribution lists, adoption of geomarketing practices more than valuable.

If you are thinking of a mass mail service, I suggest you take a look at Mailrelay. In particular, I prefer it because the autoresponders are free; although I was impressed by what they call Smartdelivery, with which the sending of emails starts by the most active subscribers, decreasing the risk of falling into unwanted emails or ad filters as Gmail does when an email is sent in bulk and It has a low reading index.

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