Digital Water Works, Inc. receives strategic investment from Bentley Systems

 The new investment will increase the global presence of both companies in municipal water supply and sanitation infrastructure and private operators

Denver, Colorado (United States), March 1 of 2019 - Digital Water Works, a world leader in digital twin solutions for intelligent water infrastructure, today announced a strategic investment in the company by Bentley Systems. This investment allows Digital Water Works and Bentley to expand their leadership by offering better digital twin infrastructure solutions to municipal and private water supply and sanitation companies - solutions with the power to increase their operational visibility, improve efficiency, optimize the cost of capital and reduce the total cost of ownership of your water infrastructure.

Digital Water Works 'strategy is to implement its own integrated applications around the best commercial general distribution software (COTS) such as OpenFlows and Bentley Systems' iTwin services, which Bentley will license directly to Digital Water Works customers. The software alliance is not exclusive; Digital Water Works will continue collaborating with leading software distributors and technology consulting and engineering companies to offer a better service to the water sector. As a result of the investment, Bentley will have the right to appoint two members to the Digital Water Works board.

Thanks to its in-depth industry knowledge, world-class capabilities and advanced technology, Digital Water Works is uniquely positioned to help water supply and sanitation services companies implement a scalable digital twins geospatial infrastructure platform , flexible and holistic based on industry criteria and COTS software. This revolutionary geospatial platform allows utility companies to operate and maintain a more resilient water infrastructure, while maintaining compliance, meeting the appropriate service levels at the lowest total cost of the life cycle and increasing customer satisfaction.

Combining real-time intelligence with spatial analytics, digital twins allow for the generalized simulation of water distribution and wastewater collection systems with immersive visualization and analytical visibility of decision support results for operational performance control and the optimization of efficiency, driven by artificial intelligence. Digital twins also allow management of work and assets (both discrete and linear), maintenance focused on reliability with analysis of underlying causes and poor performance, as well as strategic management of the life cycle of assets based on risk to optimize life cycle costs, extend the useful life of the infrastructure and prioritize, manage and execute capital improvement projects.

"We are pleased and honored to receive this strategic investment from Bentley," commented the founder and CEO Digital Water Works, Paul F. Boulos, Doctor, BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, Dist.M.ASCE , NAE. "Their global presence and leadership in digital infrastructure twins products for the energy, oil and gas, transportation and mining sectors are very important, and our collaboration for their broad experience and portfolio of solutions will be a huge benefit for the industry. of water and will provide incredible value to our customers. "

Boulos said that the digital twins infrastructure products series will be deployed in several phases over the next five to ten months, and that "next month, we will launch a pioneering program for water and wastewater utilities and engineering companies. who want to participate in the product design plans and then do a test of the software in beta ".

Bentley Systems CEO, Greg Bentley, commented: "Bentley Systems' investment in Digital Water Works represents our recognition that an entity specializing in 'digital integration' will play an indispensable role in helping infrastructure owners to Take full advantage of the potential of digital twins. We believe that our OpenFlows modeling software and industry-leading iTwin Services can strengthen the advances of water and wastewater service companies in their digitization. But we believe even more strongly that an open approach, supported by an independent integrator that takes advantage of our unprecedented open source solutions environment, can achieve the maximum benefits for each service company and accelerate the learning curve for all.

"And taking into account his trajectory of digital advances for public water infrastructure services in the world, there could be no one more effective than Dr. Paul Boulos in leading his engineers and engineering companies, through Digital Water Works, to take advantage of the unlimited opportunities that now open with digital twins. "

About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is the world's leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, builders and owner operators, and aims to drive design, construction and infrastructure operations. BIM and engineering applications based on Bentley's MicroStation, and its digital twins services in the cloud, drive project execution (ProjectWise) and asset performance (AssetWise) of transportation and other public works, utility companies , industrial and resource plants and institutional and commercial entities.

Bentley has more than 3.500 employees, generates more than 700 millions of dollars in annual revenue in 170 countries and, since 2012, has invested more than 1.000 millions of dollars in research, development and acquisitions. Since its inception at 1984, the company has remained in the hands of its five founders, the Bentley brothers. Bentley shares operate by invitation in the NASDAQ private market; the strategic partner Siemens AG has accumulated a minority stake without the right to vote.

About Digital Water Works

Digital Water Works is a new kind of technology solutions provider dedicated to innovate exclusively for the global water and wastewater industry. The company strategically combines the power of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT sensors, generalized engineering simulation and advanced analytics to build and deploy seamless and reliable digital twin solutions for a smarter, more sustainable water infrastructure and more resilient. The result is adequate and actionable ideas that enable public water and wastewater services to optimize and transform their companies and maintain the functioning of their infrastructure in the long term with the lowest life cycle cost. Founded in 2018 by Paul F. Boulos, the Denver-based company is supported by a board of directors and an advisory board made up of leading experts in technology, management and engineering dedicated to the water industry. For more information visit or connect with Digital Water Works in Twitter y LinkedIn.


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