Draw coordinates in AutoCAD from an Excel CSV file

I have gone to the field, and I have raised a total of 11 points of a property, as shown in the drawing.

7 of those points, are boundaries of the vacant lot, and four are the corners of the house erected.

When downloading the data, I have converted it into a comma separated file, known as a csv. As you can see, they are UTM coordinates.

Now what I want is to import these points to AutoCAD, so that I create a circle in the coordinate and an indicator that marks me what the vertex is about, in the following way:

Boundary 375107.4 1583680.71
Boundary 375126.31 1583600.06
Boundary 375088.11 1583590.62
Boundary 375052.78 1583624.39
Home 375093.62 1583589.32
Home 375108.74 1583592.95
Home 375101.82 1583583.65
Home 375100.95 1583599.01
Boundary 375057.36 1583616.43
Boundary 375108.43 1583578
Boundary 375153.07 1583630.59

If the total of vertices were a polygonal of 130 vertices, with different objects, such as trees, boundaries, monuments or reference points, we would definitely be interested in doing it with an application.

A CSV file can be generated with Excel, indicating "save as" and selecting the text option separated by commas. The file should not have a header row.

In this case, I will do it using the application csvToNodes, from the AutoDesk App Store. The app is worth a dollar, which can be purchased with PayPal. Once downloaded and installed, it is displayed in the Add-ins tab, or it is executed with the text command CSVTONODES. In this case, I am using AutoCAD 2018, even though the application runs from AutoCAD 2015 version.

It is necessary to select the path of the csv file, indicate that it is separated by commas and choose a scale of the block, in case they come out in sizes not suitable for the drawing.

And that's it, there we have the UTM coordinates, as blocks, with the indicated description. From here you can download the csv file example for you to try.

If you have any problems executing it, do not forget to leave your comment.

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