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AutoCAD 2016. End of perpetual licenses.

As a natural trend of this globalized, interconnected and almost unpredictable evolution, software ceases to be a boxed product and becomes a service. AutoDesk is not the exception we are already seeing with Adobe, Bentley Systems, Corel, to name a few. AutoDesk has announced that this year 2015 will be the last ...

Introducing Spatial Manager for BricsCAD

We are pleased to note that the first version of Spatial Manager for BricsCAD has been introduced, so users can now use GIS routines on low-cost CAD software.

Spatial Manager: Manage spatial data efficiently even from AutoCAD

Spatial manager cad

Spatial Manager is an application for spatial data management, which works independently. It also has a plugin that gives geospatial capabilities to AutoCAD.

Free online converter for GIS - CAD and Raster data

Cad converter

MyGeodata Converter is a service on the Internet that facilitates the conversion of data between different formats. For now the service recognizes 22 input vector formats: ESRI Shapefile Arc / Info Binary Coverage Arc / Info .E00 (ASCII) Coverage Microstation DGN (7 Version) MapInfo File Comma Separated Value (.csv) GML GPX KML GeoJSON UK .NTF SDTS US Census ...

Transform a DGN file from ED50 to ETRS89

Often GIS users encounter the challenge of transforming CAD data and reference systems. We say challenge because, in many cases, this transformation supposes a meticulous work that allows us to finally preserve as much information as possible from the original data. It's funny, that this functionality comes with Microstation, but it's safe for those who ...

Learning AutoCAD Viewing

Today there are several free AutoCAD courses on the Internet, with this we do not intend to duplicate the effort already fulfilled by others, but rather to complement a contribution that presents the barrier between the course that explains all the commands and the reality of the user that once knowing the commandos do not know where to start ...