«EthicalGEO» - the need to review the risks of geospatial trends

The American Geographical Society (AGS) has received a grant from the Omidyar Network to start a global conversation on the ethos of geospatial technologies. Designated «EthicalGEO», this initiative calls on thinkers from all walks of life around the world to present their best ideas about the ethical challenges of new geospatial technologies that are reshaping our world. In light of a growing number of innovations that use geographic data / technology and issues of clear ethical guidelines, EthicalGEO seeks to create a global platform to advance a necessary dialogue.

“In the American Geographical Society we are excited to partner with Omidyar Network in this important initiative. We look forward to unlocking the ethical creativity of the extended geospatial community and sharing their ideas with the world on this global platform, ”said Dr. Christopher Tucker, president of AGS.

"Geospatial technologies continue to be an invaluable force for good, however, there is a growing need to address the unwanted consequences that can arise with such technological innovation," said Peter Rabley, a risk partner at Omidyar Network. “We are excited to support the launch of EthicalGEO, which will help us better understand how we can protect ourselves against possible inconveniences while optimizing the positive impact that geospatial technologies can have on advancing solutions to some of humanity's most pressing problems, by lack of property rights, climate change and global development «.

The EthicalGEO Initiative will invite thinkers to submit short videos that highlight their best idea to address ethical "GEO" issues. From the video collection, a small number will be chosen that will receive funds to expand their ideas, and provide the basis for additional dialogue, forming the first class of AGS EthicalGEO Fellows members.

For more information, visit www.ethicalgeo.org.

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