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Just when the nostalgia of changing context begins to scratch ... I share one of the best farewells I've seen from one of my mentors.

GeophysicalSince I did not want to include you in the general and institutional mail of farewell (you are another thing) I commented to you that:

Being the 09: 30 of the 28 day of June of the year 2013 after the birth of our Lord, the subscriber ends his period of permanence in the office located in this place called Honduras.

My little predisposition to sentimentality and tearful displays is well known, although, by dint of being sincere, I must confess an internal movement of grief and discomfort. And it is that in each place that you are leaving something and something you take. The second are good things, the first I hope so too.

I can not deny that it has been a pleasure working with all of you, and that although you are great professionals each one in your facet I can not obviate that you are better people (fact that is demonstrated in what you have had to endure me ).

I do not wish you luck, because you will surely have it. Just keep your feet on the ground and do not sell mirrors (the important thing is always important in any country) and the Spanish Vasco know something of that.

A big hug to everyone, and see you

Agur eta laster ikusiko dugu

I will have time in the early morning to prepare something with the feeling that brings a liquid of Herba Life when only the whistles of the watchers sound, and the tingling of the television remembering that the local channel already sent their people to rest.

I always said that the only way to leave something you do, and that you value so much ... is to find something else that is so exciting to the art of geofumar the only way I know - to the limit-. And that moment has arrived just today that closes a cycle and starts a new one.

For now, there is not much more to say. There are threads to connect, relationships to recycle, friendships to keep ... this is nothing new. From the new: Integrating a high-level multidisciplinary team, designing a system in Paradigma, using 3 Metrics and thinking about bringing it to the reality of the Land Administration Domain Model ... is enough adrenaline to separate the boundary between coffee smoke and the condensed version of The inspiration.

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