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GEO WEEK 2023 – don't miss it

This time we announce that we will participate in the GEO WEEK 2023, an incredible celebration that will take place in Denver – Colorado from February 13 to 15. This is one of the biggest events ever seen, organized by Diversified Communications, one of the most important organizers of technological events in the world, brings together companies, institutions, researchers, analysts, associations and users of data or geospatial technologies.

According to official data, thousands of people from all continents of the world will mobilize to participate and record the importance of Geotechnologies. The dynamic will be created among 1890 verified professionals, more than 2500 registered and 175 exhibitors from at least 50 countries.

What has led multiple people to focus on an event like this? GEO WEEK 2023 is titled “The intersection of the geospatial and the built world”. And well, we well know the boom that the tools involved in the construction life cycles are having, such as 3D, 4D or BIM analysis. It combines cycles of conferences and a trade fair, where different solutions and technologies related to the main theme of GEO WEEK will be presented.

GEO WEEK provides yet another opportunity, where people can get involved and see up close how multiple technologies work for different purposes and how the environment is displayed, analysed, ideated, planned, built and protected. In addition to promoting strategic collaboration between creators of solutions and the integration of tools to discover the ideal way in which data is obtained and our world is digitally transformed.

The curious thing about this GEO WEEK is that it brings together 3 independent main events, the AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference, the International Lidar Mapping Forum and the SPAR 3D Expo & Conference. In addition, it includes the ASPRS Annual Conference, the MAPPS Annual Conference, and the USIBD Annual Symposium, which are partnership events.

“Geo Week provides industry professionals with the tools and knowledge to achieve their digitization goals. The event's technologies provide data to understand the world around us, creating more efficient workflows and aiding in decision-making based on real-world data."

The three themes of this conference are oriented as follows:

  • Democratization of reality capture,
  • The expansion of tools for surveyors,
  • The readiness of the AEC industry to adopt new technologies, such as the easy integration of workflows
  • How to use geospatial and lidar information to meet sustainability goals and reduce inefficiency and waste?

One of the purposes of GEO WEEK it is the possibility of experiencing the entire BIM world, the technologies related to remote sensing, 3D and all the advances immersed in the 4th digital era. Among some of the exhibitors we can highlight: HEXAGON, L3Harris, LIDARUSA, Terrasolid Ltd, Trimble. US Geological Survey or Pix4D SA.

The objectives of GEO WEEK 2023 are well defined to highlight the launch of solutions, applications or technologies related to LIDAR, AEC and 3D services. Attendees will be able to position their company, connect with potential clients or create commercial agreements, and obtain product and service promotions from exhibitors/advertisers. Those who are interested in joining this celebration will participate in 6 main activities.

  • The exhibits: It is the exhibition hall where solutions related to remote sensing, augmented reality, data capture, or information modeling are displayed. The opportunity it offers is to learn from professionals and technology leaders to understand how they handle the needs of today's world, such as: Big data, workflows, software integrations and creations of technological tools.
  • Showroom: Conferences and keynote speeches by representatives of leading companies in the geospatial field will be presented here. Through this activity, you will learn from the best about the present and future of the BIM industry, and how we must prepare for the changes that may shake our current vision of the world. Likewise, they will be able to see the explanations and presentations on the best technologies.
  • Networking: You will be able to connect with colleagues and potential business partners who will drive the development or adaptability of the product you have in mind. In this stage, end users or analysts, service and solution providers will participate, to forge connections that drive technological development.
  • Academic Showcase: Brilliant minds from multiple universities are showcased, developing research, techniques, and tools related to the main themes of the conference.
  • Workshops: It consists of a series of hands-on training or demonstrations related to the technologies on display at the event by tech giants and providers of geospatial and geoengineering solutions. Everything will be related to LIDAR, BIM and AEC.
  • Prensa: Called “Pitch the Press”, all the exhibitors of the convention will be gathered here to inform journalists about their innovations or launches.

“From the latest in airborne lidar, to tools that help bring together information collected from the ground, drones, and satellites, to software for architects, engineers, and construction companies to stay on the same page, and platforms for creating digital twins: Geo Week brings disciplines together. that were once isolated in a single exhibition floor and conference program.”

One of the recommendations is to visit the webinars section of the event website. In September, two seminars completely related to the main theme of the event will be available, one of them aimed at explaining the bases and beginnings of the AEC cycle and digital twins – digital twins-. Also, the event community is quite active and you will see many articles of interest. Some posts related to GEO WEEK 2022 are shown in the conference news section, which are worth looking at.

All information related to the GEO WEEK such as conferences, networking events and workshops will be announced very soon on the event website. What is confirmed is that registrations will begin in October 2022. We will be attentive to any of the communications provided by the organizers and those responsible for the event to keep them abreast of any changes.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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