#GIS - Geographic Information Systems with QGIS

Learn to use QGIS through practical exercises

Geographic Information Systems using QGIS.

-All the exercises you can do in ArcGIS Pro, made with free software.

  • -Import CAD data to GIS
  • -Attribute-based thematization
  • -Rules based on rules
  • -Layout printing
  • -Import coordinates from Excel
  • -Carrying scan
  • -Georeference images

All files available so you can put into practice the knowledge acquired.

Made by an expert, spoken aloud, in a single work environment to learn gradually using the AulaGEO methodology

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This course originally was built in Spanish, following the same lessons done in the popular course Learn ArcGIS Pro Easy! We done it to demonstrate that all this could be possible using open software; always in spanish. Then, some english users asked us, we created a spanish version of the course; it's the reason why the interface of the software is in spanish.

The course is also available in Spanish

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