GRAPHISOFT appoints Huw Roberts as Executive Director

The former Bentley executive will lead the next phase of the company's strategic growth; Viktor Várkonyi, outgoing CEO of GRAPHISOFT to lead the Planning and Design Division of the Nemetschek Group.

BUDAPEST, March 29 of 2019 - GRAPHISOFT®, the leading provider of software solutions for architects and designers of Building Information Modeling, today announced the appointment of Huw Roberts as its new Executive Director. The change of leadership in GRAPHISOFT is part of a stronger strategic focus on customers and markets by its parent company, the Nemetschek Group. The new Planning and Design Division, to which GRAPHISOFT belongs, is headed by Viktor Várkonyi, former CEO of GRAPHISOFT. Várkonyi also serves as a member of the Executive Board in the Nemetschek Group.

Mr. Várkonyi, during his 27 years in the company, has contributed to several technological innovations that reinforced the generalized growth of BIM in the industry. During his 10 years as Executive Director, he tripled the revenues of the company and helped to consolidate the position of GRAPHISOFT as a global leader in BIM for architects and designers.

"GRAPHISOFT has been a central part of my professional career," says Mr. Várkonyi. "I was lucky to have been part of their extraordinary growth for the past three decades. Looking ahead, I believe that 2019 will be a transformative year for both GRAPHISOFT and the Nemetschek Group, allowing great synergies between our sister brands. Huw Roberts brings GRAPHISOFT "Exceptional business and leadership skills, extensive experience in the industry and a true passion to help AEC professionals benefit from the technology-driven transformation. I am sure the company is now in the right hands to achieve its ambitious goals! "

Taking advantage of a solid growth trajectory in the last decade, GRAPHISOFT sought to appoint an energetic leader, expert in the industry, whose skill and experience will quickly integrate into the available opportunities and help to catapult the company. The selection of Mr. Roberts, for a successful industry with decades of leadership experience in both the industry and the architectural profession, reflects GRAPHISOFT's determination to make a significant strategic impetus towards the next turning point in its market leadership.

Mr. Roberts, an architect by profession, has carried out executive functions in product management, marketing and business development during his distinguished career, guiding the maximization of the market impact and commercial value for the main technology companies. Highlights of his career include 17's years of leadership roles at Bentley Systems, a global developer of software solutions for infrastructure asset management, and the role of Marketing Director at BlueCielo, a country-based company. Netherlands recently acquired by Accruent. When he assumes the lead role in GRAPHISOFT, Mr. Roberts, who is originally from Philadelphia, USA. UU., Will move to Budapest, Hungary, where the headquarters of the company is located.

"Throughout my years in this industry, I was impressed by the passionate loyalty of GRAPHISOFT customers and the inspiring architecture they produce around the world," says Mr. Roberts. "I was impressed by the deep commitment that the team offers our customers and partners through product innovation, industry knowledge and personal dedication." Commenting on why I think the company is ready for success, Mr. Roberts said:

"The combination of technical excellence and innovation, an exceptionally strong corporate culture and constant business success provide a solid platform for the next chapter of GRAPHISOFT's growth. I am proud to join the team as we expand our ability to provide solutions and benefits to our users around the world. I would also like to thank Mr. Várkonyi for his excellent work in directing the growth of the company to its current and solid financial economy. State, which is a prerequisite to achieve our ambitious growth plans in the coming years ".

For more information about Mr. Roberts, visit the page of GRAPHISOFT's leadership. For information on the restructuring of the Nemetschek Group, visit the press release Nemetschek official press. For additional information, or to schedule an interview with Mr. Roberts, please contact our media relations


GRAPHISOFT® started the revolution BIM in 1984 with ARCHICAD®, the first BIM software for architects in the industry. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud®, the first global BIM collaboration environment in real time; Y BIMx®, the leading mobile application in the world for light access to BIM. GRAPHISOFT is part of the Nemetschek Group.

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