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  • The best of 2012 in Geofumadas

    Wrapping up this year, this entry pulls two outstanding articles from each month. Although I would have wanted like other years to make a good joke on April Fools' Day, the vacation has taken time with my family, trying to recover...

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  • Fast X-ray of Geofumadas in more than 75 months

    After a year and a half of becoming independent under the domain, we have reached more than 70,000 monthly visits. That is quite a lot and for those who have followed this site since its origins, they will see that over time very few things…

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  • A post between more than 50 months

    After more than 50 months writing, this is a summary. At first glance, despite the fact that the selection has been based on page views, the x-ray is that: 13 have to do with AutoCAD or its vertical applications. A theme…

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  • List of Software I have reviewed

    I was recently talking about what it means in statistics to talk about software, specifically 11 programs that represent 50% of visits by keyword. It is difficult to give recommendations of which software is better, because it depends on different conditions of the…

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