#LAND - Google Earth Course - from scratch

Become a true Google Earth Pro expert and take advantage of the fact that this program is now free.

For individuals, professionals, teachers, academics, students, etc. Everyone can use this software and use it in its corresponding field.


Google Earth is a software that allows observing through satellite views, but also through 'street view', our Earth planet. Now the version Pro totally free and allows access to all advanced features.

Whether you are a particular that you only want to 'travel' around the world, as if you are a professional that you will use to place information and generate maps, this course will be useful.

This program is also an interesting tool for the educational world, since it is possible to complement the subjects with activities related to Google Earth (for example see geological formations, perform geography, history, etc…)

The course is structured in 4 sections:

  • Introduction: They will learn to find places, enter coordinates and manage the different sections of the Google Earth Pro interface.
  • Add information: You will learn to add placemarks, lines and polygons. Load information in different formats and import data from a GPS.
  • Export information: You will learn to organize your layers and create kmz files. You will export images and create tours.
  • Advanced: You will learn to use the ruler and calculate areas and perimeters. You will add photos and know the history of images.

Each section is accompanied by a series of drill and questions to practice the concepts seen, as well as documentation in PDF downloadable.

What will you learn

  • Manage Google Earth as an expert.
  • Create placemarks, lines and polygons.
  • Import information from other geographic information systems.
  • Export high resolution images.
  • Create and export tours.
  • Overlay images and view image history

Course Prerequisites

  • You will need Google Earth Pro software. We will teach the process in the course.
  • A basic level on computers and the use of a mouse will be sufficient.

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who wants to know new places on the planet.
  • Teachers who want to implement a new way of teaching. Teaching geography seems obvious, but you can also do activities in history class for example, studying Egyptian buildings.
  • Professionals from any field that require generating georeferenced information without the complexity of using a Geographic Information System.

More information

The course is also available in Spanish

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