Leave Venezuela in time of blackouts

I think some know the situation in Venezuela, I say some because I know that Venezuela is not the center of the universe, and therefore there are people who do not even know where it is. Many of those who read me, feel and suffer the situation from the outside, a few believe they know what is happening, they make judgments when they have never entered Venezuela, and I am sure they could not survive in the conditions in which it is, to others we have had to live it in all the senses, psychological, political, economic, emotional.

So, I guess they wonder why it is the title, because I had to leave Venezuela, this I decided together with my husband when the first blackout occurred, we last at least 42 hours without electric service, without water, without being able to buy nothing to feed us, surviving what was in the fridge so that it would not rot.

I assure you that living there is a psychological game, it is an attack on emotional stability, it is not so simple to exist - I say exist because there you do not live, you survive- in a place where paranoia is common. Paranoia when going out day or night, paranoia when you go out to work and do not know if you will arrive or if you can go home, paranoia when you have 12 mouths to feed and a single source of income (mine) - thank God I had a opportunity that many do not have - and it helped keep my head afloat even when the body was sunk.

After being a professional of Geography, with privileges that many did not have, I never imagined that I would end up surviving at the pulse of a freelancer. Re-exploiting my skills as tutor, writer and more than ever poetic.

Imagine, feed 12 mouths, work remotely requiring a constant service of Internet and electricity to produce and BOOM - national blackout, I ask what would happen if the lives of many people depended on you, and such a failure occurs, that you can not do anything, you are invaded by fear, uncertainty and you begin to wonder if they are going to do without your services, because of something you have to be clear, to whom it is convenient to have a remote employee who for weeks remains incommunicado, and that he has not been able to produce.

The difficulties that are traversed in such a situation are immeasurable, be aware if everyone has water to drink and bathe, if they have eaten at least twice a day, have to carry bottles of 30 liters up the stairs to an 14 floor, or 12 (in my parents' house), think about what you can eat and do not get hurt in 48 hours, find out you need an emergency medicine and that you can not buy it even if you have how, and pray to God that nothing happens and to hold until the light comes and you can buy, they have no idea, I assure you of what it is to live in that situation.

The game is to wear, I think it is a conditioning, to continue removing freedoms, so began the service of drinking water, at first one day failed, then two, then three, they are 5 years in which only enjoy the service of drinking water once a week. With this I do not seek to victimize myself, but I simply give you a little sketch of what it is to live in Venezuela, when you lack the most basic, and yet you get up every day, you are waiting to serve others and yourself - cooking, washing, cleaning, because I am also a housewife - you work from 14 to 16 hours - sometimes more -, and deliver work well done and quality.

To try to maintain the income, do not lose the opportunity that they have given me and keep on surviving. My husband and I, decided that it was time to leave, with a few savings and with the great help that today gives us part of the family, we take our bags to direct us to a better course. Yes, making the decision was easy, the difficult came later when the government announced that the national electricity system continues to fail and that the restoration of electric service will be partial.

OK, I thought that this would be something simple like packing and leaving, but when making a list of pending, I realized that the days before the trip needed to advance as it is a little work, to be able to deliver something that would imply to my boss, who, even in this disastrous situation, was following with firm steps and determined not to lose his job. We had the great help of a cousin of my husband, who offered to find the tickets and pay them with his credit card, and upon arrival we would reimburse him for the payment.

Passages were obtained in a not very well-known airline, for Tuesday 19 of March, only to a week and a half of the first great blackout. To our surprise, the airline decides to re-program for the electrical faults and the flight was passed for the 2 day in April. During the week of the 17 in March I followed the intermittent fault where I lived, however, in my mother's house it was a little more stable, because it was in the center of the city, therefore, I notified her that we would pass the week at home to be able to advance work.

We were from Monday 18, everything went normally, I worked more than ever to be able to advance everything, only to have minimal details, and just the day I finish uploading one of the last files, the second blackout occurs on March 26, That day they went looking for us because we had the work teams, when I arrived at my house, and I climbed the 14 floors up the stairs I broke down, I entered in a panic, my hands were shaking, I had low tension, I felt terrible. 50 hours passed, until finally the electricity service returned, that day I decided to start packing, I said that I should take advantage of all the possible hours of light, because I did not know until what time I could enjoy it.

One of the most difficult things is to put 30 years in 23 kilos, 30 years of memories and clothes -especially the latest-, I took out at least 8 bags of clothes to give away, I knew that there were many people who I would like and that could be a help between so much need. Two hours after starting to pack 4 PM, the light went out, and arrived at the 1 AM, my husband woke up like a zombie, and he told me that he would stay awake for a while - to enjoy the light - I did not feel like it You're welcome and I kept sleeping.

Packing was an act of courage. Sometimes it's cold.

Then I saw how much it fit in my suitcase and the empty closet, Maya, my dog ​​looked at me from behind the lock of his face. I could not stop and I started crying.

At mid-morning, we went to the grandparents' house, gave them some things and said goodbye, discreetly opened the fridge, and they only had a piece of old cheese, six eggs and ice, that image was something that broke my heart, there they We asked that they had eaten those days, and they told us - quiet daughter, the neighbors are pending, they made us a pot of beans, that we ate with arepa, and the other days an egg for the two with grated cheese-.

They are things that you would never want to hear, but what happens, however much you are aware, you always have to be prepared for something else. It's a situation where you feel like the game of Survivor, you have to be prepared if you eat, or you do not eat or maybe you're lucky and you get immunity - you spend the day smooth, without complications - but those are one in a million.

The following days, they went to the bank, buying medicines, water, filling bags and containers of water soda with salt, so that they keep more cold if the light goes back on and they do not have how to refrigerate the food. Three days before we left, we had some blood tests, my mother, my father, my husband, my brother and I, and to vary another surprise - my brother, father and mother diagnosed with severe anemia -, something else in the what to think Now I have to spend more money so they can buy more protein, because what I send is not enough, we start taking measures and I buy them tomato and guava trees - at least to have where to start.

We went back home, and my husband began to pack his suitcase, everything without problems, without setbacks, until I received a call from a friend, who told me I had to be at the airport until a day before, because the check in it was being done manually, taking care of the power failures - since one of the electric plates at the airport had been burned, and the other was working at half a machine - to complete as my father would say.

In the end, we decided to go down to the airport on Tuesday at the 2 AM, to avoid any kind of setback, we arrived at the 4 AM, and the airline staff arrived at the 9 AM, we were first in line, we passed on our turn and just after the check-in, they tell me that the light went off in Caracas and that it was pending.

We beat the situation, the next was the review, they took everything out of my suitcase, in Venezuela the guards look for any excuse to check and get money, I passed my review, and sealed the exit in migration. We located the boarding gate and began to look for what to eat, we arrived at a place of arepas and when they passed the card they debited the amount from my account, but the point did not register it, so the money was left in limbo and we did not eat.

At 12: 45 PM the plane arrived, one more relief, but, started a movement of guards again, - another revision - this time they touched me to the genitals, they passed the suitcase by the machine and this time they did not ask me to open again. We are still waiting for the flight, we board the 2: 40 PM, with 20 minutes of delay, and on the plane everything was a bit of tranquility. We reached the first stop after 11 flight hours - Istanbul - one of the most complicated airports I've ever met, it's crazy the excess of people, the discriminative hatred - something of macho culture - but in the end the 5 wait times passed relatively quickly.

We board the plane again late, 20 more minutes, we would arrive at the 4 PM destination, at the end we arrived at the 5: 30 PM. I already felt an air of tranquility, we landed and in my mind I only thanked God for giving me the opportunity that many do not have, I thanked Venezuela for training me, thanks to my family for loving me and my boss for understanding a situation, Although it was not his problem, he was willing and willing to support me.

When I arrived at my new home, I changed some problems for others, due to the lack of electricity, I had to work with the lights off to avoid the high cost of electric service, for a destroyed transport system an efficient but expensive transport service arrived - each metro ticket costs 2 euros, a multi-journey ticket for the tram is 70 euros and a taxi trip can cost between 9 and 20 euros depending on the distance-.

Make an exit like this, it's not a luxury that everyone can give. I must admit it. However, going out into a different context does not change your life immediately; especially because there is a trauma from which it takes time to recover.

A large part of Venezuelans got used to living without paying for services, or paying a very small amount, given the magnitude of maintaining a public transport system, a National electrical system, and many other things. What brought all this as a consequence, because now in Venezuela lives on the basis of rationing of electricity and drinking water, lack of transportation, shortage of medicines, inflation, health services in subhuman conditions, among others Many things you can see, just by placing "Venezuela" in the Internet search engine and reading each and every one of those news.

On the other hand, those who do not know or do not want to know what happens in Venezuela do not blame them, those who suffer from afar I extend a hug and advice: humility and work above all, although we feel pain, sadness or nostalgia, we must keep going, to those who are still there, I can only tell you that faith is the only thing that is needed to continue.

Thank you for your patience, on a topic that comes out of the Geofundadas space. I close a chapter after 2,044 words, which represent part of my report - for my boss - of the last two weeks of work.

Touch continue forward.

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