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News of HEXAGON 2019

Hexagon announced new technologies and recognized the innovations of its users in HxGN LIVE 2019, its global conference of digital solutions.  This conglomerate of solutions grouped in Hexagon AB, which have an interesting positioning in sensors, software and autonomous technologies, organized its four-day technology conference at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. UU HxGN LIVE where he gathered thousands of Hexagon customers, partners and technology experts from around the world.  

The event began with a masterly presentation of Ola Rollén, President and CEO of Hexagon, entitled “Your data can save the world”.

“Hexagon has a far-reaching vision to put data to work and reverse the trend of resource depletion and wasted Earth systems,” said Rollén. “Powering an increasingly autonomous future, our 'doing good to do good' approach will drive sustainability through increased efficiency, safety, improved productivity and less waste – the same business results our customers enjoy.” looking for".

The leaders of Hexagon's business units announced new technology products and industry associations during the main presentations on Wednesday's 12 in June.   During the event, the winners of this year's awards, made an appearance of the spirit of innovation, partnership and technological progress through the impact on their businesses, the industries they serve and the local and global communities.

On this occasion they were honored and their justification:

  • Apex.AI: Expansion of the autonomous vehicle technology. To benefit vertical markets, such as construction, manufacturing and more.
  • Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. (BBAC): They work to create an intelligent quality system for the manufacture of automobiles.
  • Bombardier Aerospace: Implemented virtual assembly techniques, which validate components through critical areas of compliance
  • Canadian Natural Resources Limited: Support projects that develop the quality of life and economic health in the cities where we operate
  • Censeo: Use a georadar to create less invasive inspection methods
  • Corbins Electric: Create and share the best innovation practices, not only for the company but for the entire industry
  • CP Police Service: They guarantee one of the safest railroads with the best performance in North America.
  • Frequentis: Build solutions to make location-smart information available in all organizations
  • Fresnillo: They create an integrated technology portfolio for mine planning, operations, business, survey and monitoring needs.

“Our clients are agents of change and force multipliers, and we are pleased to celebrate this year's honorees for their innovative contributions,” said Rollén. "Their stories inspire and motivate all of us at Hexagon."


FTI announces the launch of FormingSuite 2019 Feature Pack 1

Forming Technologies (FTI), the industry's leading developer of solutions for the design, simulation, planning and costing of sheet metal components, announced the worldwide launch of the FormingSuite 2019 Feature Pack 1. Designed for cost estimators, design engineers, tool designers and advanced planning engineers in the automotive, aerospace, consumer products and electronics industries, this feature package features numerous enhancements that ensure the best quality of results and performance for all the users.

The general changes in work banks and software processes allow the concepts of Material Utilization (MUL) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to be fully realized. These concepts help customers reduce material waste through virtual tests that replace the test seals and solve conformability problems, which could threaten the integrity of a piece long before the piece reaches the plant. The new processes of blanking in the software they allow the parties to nest and create faster, and with much less waste than before, when considering multiple factors in the stamping process. The changes in the pilot holes and the characteristics of the annex integrate real-world solutions in the digital process, allowing greater precision and robust parts and operations.

With this latest version, the ProcessPlanner module of FormingSuite continues to add support for the most specialized processes in the formation of sheet metal. The workbench Line Die Plan now allows users to detail the deletion process in multiple operations (both online and offline). This new capacity improves the visual description of the suppression process, as well as the matrix load, the cost of the matrix, the size of the matrix and the calculations of the weight of the matrix. The new options for calculating the costs of the cam increase the flexibility, provide more accurate estimates for the customized cams, and standard for progressive matrices and line matrices. Rounding out the changes to this work table, a new display option on the ProgDie Process summary screen shows the size of the die along with the layout of the process.

The COSTOPTIMIZER module now presents substantial improvements in the speed of nested resolution, as well as two new display options to show the condition of the bearer and the 3D part along with the design. Cost optimization of nesting designs now allows users to choose whether the piece is trimmed while maintaining the appendage compensation, or if the appendix is ​​cut off without affecting the part. This change, provides users with the necessary tools to effectively evaluate the cost saving opportunities of materials in the pieces formed with an appendix. Expanding the unique capabilities of FormingSuite to introduce and evaluate the geometry of the network and support; The pilot hole tool currently offers the option of adding material around the pilot holes, as is common in real-world strip designs. This allows engineers to ensure the integrity of their strip designs in the software and in the workshop. 

Finally, significant updates have been made to trim in FastIncremental. The automatic refinement of the mesh during trimming ensures that the results of trimming operations are accurate. Automatic trimming now provides faster solutions and more accurate results.

“We are very excited to announce our latest launch at HxGN LIVE 2019, with this year's focus on data-driven sustainability,” says Michael Gallagher, CEO and President of FTI. “One of the main tenets of our software is to maximize material utilization, which not only saves our customers millions of dollars, but also uses data to reduce waste and make the sealing process more sustainable.”

FormingSuite 2019 Feature Pack 1 is now available to customers from the FTI website

Aspen Technology and Hexagon Announce New Collaboration to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Process Industries

 Companies can accelerate the transition from document-based to digital workflows, improving both productivity and the quality of results throughout the life cycle.

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), the asset optimization software company, and Hexagon announced a new level of collaboration based on a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will more closely align cost estimating solutions, basic engineering and conceptual of AspenTech with the detailed engineering suite of Hexagon PPM, to enable a workflow that is fully data-centric throughout the life cycle of the assets.

AspenTech and Hexagon PPM join together as the first to market a fully digital design and engineering process, with integrated economic evaluation, to help clients better manage the financial risks of complex projects, which is a major challenge today. The combined capabilities can accelerate digital transformation and enable the implementation of the best integrated solutions from two leading software vendors.

Working together, AspenTech and Hexagon PPM can provide a more complete digital twin, which includes both the infrastructure of the plant and the chemical processes that occur within that physical infrastructure, to allow operators to make better decisions that maximize performance. quality and time of activity. AspenTech's planning, scheduling and reliability software, along with Hexagon PPM's expertise for the detailed engineering phase of plant and plant design, will help operators to more easily leverage engineering models during operations, get the most out of return on their investments and allow them to respond better to market conditions.

The announcement came during the opening speech of the Hexagon PPM chairman, Mattias Stenberg, in HxGN LIVE 2019 in Las Vegas, Hexagon's annual digital solutions conference, where Antonio Pietri, president and CEO of Aspen Technology joined the stage.

Pietri said: “This collaboration will allow customers the flexibility to choose solutions from market-leading providers throughout the life cycle, from the design phase to the systems that operate and maintain a plant. "Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms and owner operators will be able to accelerate their digital transformation with complete confidence, backed by best-in-class solutions."

Stenberg said: “Based on our assessments and engagements with joint clients, we are confident that there is potential to impact project and operational efficiency. Aligning project costs with decisions early in the design process reduces budget and schedule risk. "After the project, the combination of predictive maintenance and advanced controls with our information management solutions translates into higher quality plants that will perform better throughout their life."

Customers are already supporting this new initiative:

"Eni is looking with interest at initiatives like the one between Hexagon PPM and AspenTech," said Arturo Bellezza, Eni's engineering manager. "The resulting seamless integration between process simulation, 3D model and operations will enable a breakthrough in our industry's digital journey."

Hexagon launches the OnCall HxGN portfolio to modernize public safety monitoring and response 

Hexagon launched HxGN OnCall, a comprehensive and modernized public safety portfolio that takes advantage of real-time data analysis to improve operational awareness, increase efficiency and optimize resources.

The OnCall HxGN portfolio comprises four sets of products that can be implemented together or independently: Dispatch, Analysis, Records and Planning and Response. Together, the portfolio offers a unique source of truth to enable a faster response and ensure safer cities. HxGN OnCall is the only complete public safety portfolio created with the expertise of all levels of emergency services and scale of applicability: police, fire, EMS, civil protection, major infrastructure operators, borders and customs, roadside assistance and more.

“Hexagon is shaping the future of public safety by enabling agencies to be more agile and responsive,” he said. Ola Rollén, President and CEO of Hexagon. “HxGN OnCall is putting data to work to deliver connectivity, collaboration and intelligence for safe and resilient city-nations.”

Its ability to be implemented in the facilities and in the cloud, allows agencies of all sizes to better contain incidents, improve results and mitigate risks proactively. Building on nearly three decades of industry leading experience, HxGN OnCall incorporates IoT, mobility, analytics and the cloud to bring the next generation of public safety solutions to agencies around the world. Its capabilities support incoming data beyond phone calls, including SMS, instant messaging and video, ensuring that citizens reach their local authorities to provide information that will save their lives through all available communication channels.

The geospatial division of Hexagon launches Luciad V2019

The Hexagon Geospatial Division launched Luciad V2019 on HxGN LIVE 2019, the Hexagon digital solutions conference.

With its Luciad portfolio, Hexagon offers state-of-the-art platforms for knowledge of the situation and intelligent location in real time. Luciad's launch at 2019 aims to break down data silos, to help organizations, cities and countries better understand the connections that drive the modern world and influence the changes that occur around them.

 “Luciad V2019 will enable smart organizations, sites, cities and nations to take advantage of cutting-edge solutions like smart location, and create the necessary connections to drive real-time decision-making,” said Mladen Stojic, President of the Geospatial division. of Hexagon. “A platform like this, which sits at the intersection of geospatial, operational, and visualization requirements, is critical for global organizations managing the deluge of IoT sensor data that must be visualized to power operational and deployment success. mission".

With direct support for JavaFX, the already updated platform of LuciadLightspeed, allows to create dynamic user interfaces, while taking advantage of the full performance GPU capabilities. Both LuciadLightspeed and LuciadFusion are compatible with OpenJDK, as well as with the latest Oracle Java virtual machines. Users can develop automated data services with the flexible RESTful API on the LuciadFusion server platform or develop their own customized LuciadFusion Studio for easier and more interactive data management.

The version of Luciad V2019 also offers updated functions for mobiles and browsers for both LuciadMobile and LuciadRIA that are compatible with the latest defense and aviation needs, from the disassembled soldier to the planning of the airspace in the cloud, and the most recent standards , such as MS2525, MGCP and AIXM. This makes Luciad the only product portfolio in the industry that offers consistent symbolic support for all its products.

The launch will also include a new product called LuciadCPillar, which is Hexagon's response to the growing demand for a mission-critical desktop API for the C ++ / C # community.

For more information about Luciad V2019, visit 

The geospatial division of Hexagon presents M.App Enterprise 2019

The Geospatial Division of Hexagon, launched M.App Enterprise 2019 in the HxGN LIVE 2019, the digital solutions conference of Hexagon. This latest version of M.App Enterprise, integrates the capabilities of Hexagon's Luciad Portfolio to improve visualizations, analysis and data management.

An ideal platform to monitor assets, evaluate changes and take action, M.App Enterprise is a private solution, which allows organizations to deploy Hexagon Smart M.Apps that addresses their business problems dynamically based on location. The new features of M.App Enterprise 2019 provide the basis for users to experience an intelligent digital reality 5D, where data is seamlessly connected through the convergence of the physical world with digital and intelligence is integrated into all processes .

“The enhanced M.App Enterprise is now powered by our Luciad technology, allowing users to have the best of both worlds when it comes to data visualization and advanced analytics to effortlessly communicate information in real time,” said Georg Hammerer. Director of Technology – Applications for Hexagon's geospatial division. "This unified geospatial enterprise platform now enables users and partners to build vertical solutions for their markets and industry segments."

The integration of Luciad Portfolio will allow users to connect, visualize and examine vector and rasterized data from their Smart M.Apps in 3D. Now it also presents the characteristics of the terrain in a realistic way, based on the elevation data of the area. To cover large geographic areas with higher resolution, M.App Enterprise 2019 allows users to connect to the mosaic elevation coverages offered by LuciadFusion. In addition, the addition of classification algorithms to the Spatial Workshop user interface allows M.App Enterprise to perform advanced remote detection with machine learning -Machine Learning.

For more information on M.App Enterprise, visit


Hexagon introduces a solution to detect fatigue and distraction in light vehicle operators

Hexagon AB, presented HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System Light Vehicle (OAS-LV), a fatigue and distraction detection unit, which continuously controls the alertness of the operator inside the cabin of light vehicles, buses and semi-trailers.

OAS-LV expands Hexagon's portfolio of safety solutions for operators, filling a gap to protect light vehicle operators, preventing them from falling asleep at the wheel, colliding or having other incidents related to fatigue or distraction. The product is based on the technology used in the HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System Heavy Vehicle (OAS-HV) - Heavy Vehicle Operator Alert System,  that protects haul truck operators.

“Operator fatigue and distraction are recurring risks in activities such as mining and other industries,” said Ola Rollén, president and CEO of Hexagon. "OAS-LV is a valuable addition to our market-leading MineProtect security portfolio and further proof that Hexagon, like its customers, takes security seriously."

The easy-to-install device in the cab scans the operator's face to detect any signs of fatigue or distraction, such as a microsleep. An automatic learning algorithm -machine learning, takes advantage of these facial characteristics analysis data to determine if an alert should be activated or not. OAS-LV works in light and dark conditions, and through graduated lenses and / or sunglasses.

The hardware in the cab is always connected, and the vehicle data can be transmitted to the cloud or to a specific monitoring center. This allows obtaining notifications in real time, so that supervisors and controllers can apply the intervention protocol and allow an additional forensic analysis.  OAS-LV is one of the many innovative solutions presented this week in HxGN LIVE 2019, Hexagon's annual digital technology conference.

Hexagon revolutionizes the detection of underground services with a new radar solution of penetration in the ground

Hexagon AB presented Leica DSX, a portable ground penetrating radar (GPR) solution, for the detection of underground public utilities. Designed to simplify data capture and automate data processing, the DSX allows users to easily detect, map and visualize underground utilities safely and reliably with the highest positioning accuracy.

“We designed the Leica DSX for users with limited GPR skills who need to locate, avoid or map underground utilities in a simple, fast and reliable way,” said Ola Rollén, Hexagon president and CEO. "With this utility detection solution, Hexagon is bringing GPR technology to new user segments to enable safer operations on any job that requires digging."

A feature that defines the DSX is its software, DXplore, which translates correlated signals into intuitive and easy-to-use results. Unlike other GPR solutions, users do not need to have experience in interpreting raw radar data and hyperbolas. DXplore uses an intelligent algorithm to generate maps of digital utilities in minutes, showing the detected results while users are still in the field. The map can also be exported to Leica DX Manager Mapping, Leica ConX or other post-processing software for later use in machines, or to overlay additional data.

Hexagon expands the Leica BLK series, revolutionizing the capture of reality for infrastructure, security and mobility applications

Hexagon AB introduced two new additions to the Leica BLK series. The Leica BLK2GO  is the smallest and most fully integrated portable imaging scanner in the industry, and the Leica BLK247 the first 3D laser scanning sensor for security surveillance that provides continuous attention to the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week.

"The BLK-series extension continues Hexagon's 20-year focus on revolutionizing reality capture," said Ola Rollén, Hexagon's president and CEO. “These sensors are not only innovative for their technical capabilities, but also for their practicality. The Leica BLK2GO can be taken anywhere, and the Leica BLK247 never sleeps."

The Leica BLK2GO presents a mobility never before seen to scan complex interior environments. The handheld laser scanner combines visualization, LiDAR and edge computing technologies to scan in 3D while on the move, allowing users to be much more agile and efficient in capturing objects and spaces. The BLK2GO has a wide range of applications, from adaptive reuse projects in the architecture and design industries, to location exploration, preview and VFX workflows for media and entertainment.

The Leica BLK247 is designed for continuous capture of reality in 3D, expanding capabilities for security applications. The sensor provides awareness of the situation in real time, through perimeter computing and change detection technology enabled by LiDAR. By using artificial intelligence, the BLK247 can differentiate between fixed and moving objects, such as a person walking and leaving a suitcase, and identify security threats to provide alerts in real time, for expected and unexpected changes. The BLK247 greatly improves knowledge of the situation within restricted spaces or high security, eliminating the need for people to constantly monitor the walls of security screens or intelligent building control panels.

The geospatial division of Hexagon adds M.App Enterprise and M.App X to the educational program

The Hexagon Geospatial Division will make its M.App Enterprise and M.App X solutions available through its global Education Program starting with the 11 June of 2019. This addition will offer students the opportunity to experience a better development and implementation of geospatial applications, which will give them a technical advantage in a competitive job market.

“As the geospatial industry moves toward cloud-based enterprise applications, we need to equip universities with the right tools to prepare students for the future,” said Mike Lane, Global Education Manager for Hexagon's Geospatial division. ".

M.App Enterprise and M.App X allow universities to leverage Hexagon's enterprise technology to teach students how to use geospatial data to solve real-world problems.” M.App Enterprise is a local platform for storing and deploying Hexagon Smart M.Apps: intelligent applications that combine content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a dynamic, interactive analytics view.

M.App X is a geospatial exploitation solution based on the cloud, designed to create products and reports derived from images, displayed on a business platform.

“By building custom apps on M.App Enterprise, students can learn how to integrate various types of location-based data and harness the power of real-time analytics,” said Lane. “Using M.App X, students seeking careers in geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and related sectors will learn complex situational awareness skills and gain the knowledge necessary to create, manage, and deliver data that enables data integration, analysis, and fusion. of geospatial information. . We are very pleased to offer these platforms to the educational community.”

The Educational Program will provide instructors and students with an increasing number of samples for their training, examples, videos and more, to use while they learn and work with M.App Enterprise and M.App X.

For more information on incorporating M.App Enterprise and M.App X into the geospatial curriculum and location intelligence of a university, visit

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