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Autodesk announced the launch of Revit, InfraWorks and Civil 3D 2020.

Revit 2020

With Revit 2020, users will be able to create more precise and detailed documentation that better represents the intention of the design, connects the data and allows collaboration and delivery of projects with greater fluidity. It will help to reduce the time dedicated to memory tasks and will contribute to producing a high quality work.

Civil 3D 2020

Civil 3D 2020 additionally offers improvements in performance and scalability, boosting BIM design and production efficiency, especially for large and complex projects. The latest version includes new features such as: Dynamo for Civil 3D, which will streamline repetitive tasks and help the user get more of their model.

InfraWorks 2020

With InfraWorks 2020, Autodesk continues its commitment to the integration of BIM and GIS. The partnership with Esri has allowed it to take advantage of large amounts of GIS data available publicly or stored internally, with a simplified approach that avoids many of the conversions that previously had to occur. This version adds the ability to save edited InfraWorks data to Esri data stores.

Esri acquires indoo.rs and announces the launch by ArcGIS Indoors

The 28 February 2019, Esri, the world leader in location intelligence, announced the acquisition of indoor GmbH, a leading global provider of indoor positioning system (IPS) technology.

The indoo.rs software will become part of ArcGIS Indoors of Esri, a new mapping product that allows interactive interior modeling of corporate facilities, stores, commercial locations, airports and more. Also, the acquisition will provide users of Esri's ArcGIS platform with integrated IPS location services to support interior mapping and analysis. The indoo.rs headquarters will also serve as a new Esri R & D center based in Vienna, Austria, focused on cutting-edge IPS capability.

"Indoo.rs is a leading provider of IPS software and services, working with organizations around the world such as international airports, major rail stations and corporate headquarters, and I am pleased to welcome the company to the Esri family," said Brian. Cross, director of professional services at Esri. «The technology, experience and leadership of indoo.rs in the IPS field will be of great benefit to our clients who wish to bring the power of the SIG to the interior spaces».

"Becoming an integral part of Esri's product portfolio allows us to continue to provide our services at the highest professional level," said Bernd Gruber, co-founder of indoo.rs. "

"We have seen that the IPS market has exploded in recent years," said Rainer Wolfsberger, CEO of indoo.rs, "and our business customers have shown great interest in a deep integration with IPS technology, and thus release the benefits of this solution at all levels of your organization ».

Bentley Systems invests in Digital Water Works for better wastewater infrastructure solutions

Bentley Systems has announced a strategic investment in Digital Water Works, a global and innovative solution of digital twins, for intelligent hydrosanitary infrastructures.

This partnership will help companies to expand their leadership, bringing better solutions of digital twins applied to infrastructure for companies or investors immersed in the world of wastewater globally.

Digital Water Works is known to help water and wastewater utilities implement a scalable, flexible and holistic digital geospatial infrastructure platform. According to the agreement, the company aims to implement its own integration applications around commercial software (COTS), such as Bentley Systems' OpenFlows and iTwin offerings. Bentley Systems will grant licenses directly to Digital Water Works customers. You will also have the right to appoint two directors who will be part of the Digital Water Works Council.

On the occasion, Paul F. Boulos, founder and CEO of Digital Water Works, said: "We are delighted and honored to receive this Bentley strategic investment. The digital infrastructure twin products suite will be implemented in phases over the next five to ten months, and next month we will launch an early adoption program for water and wastewater utility companies and engineering companies that want to help with the plans of product design and then do a beta test of the software «.

Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems shared: "Bentley Systems' investment in Digital Water Works, means our recognition that an entity specializing in digital integration will play an indispensable role in helping infrastructure owners make the most of their potential. digital twins.

Given its trajectory towards the digital advance for the utilities of hydrosanitary infrastructure of the world, there could be nobody more effective than Dr. Paul Boulos in directing his engineers and engineering firms, through Digital Water Works, to realize the unlimited opportunities that digital twins now open. "

Taken from Geo-engineering magazine -Junio ​​2019

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