Texas Department of Transportation Implements Digital Twins Initiative for New Bridge Projects

Innovative technology improves high-quality bridge design and construction

Bentley Systems, the developer of infrastructure engineering software, recently honored the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). With more than 80.000 miles of continuous highway line and more than 14 employees statewide, TxDOT operates the largest highway network in the United States. TxDOT continues to lead the way in this industry by improving its roads and bridges with advances in technology.

TxDOT's stated vision is to provide mobility, enable economic opportunity, and improve the quality of life for all Texans. With this in mind, TxDOT has launched its digital bridge enforcement initiative, using Bentley's OpenBridge software for all new bridge construction beginning June 1, 2022. TxDOT's bridge initiative is part of a broader digital execution initiative that also includes roads and highways.
The initiative that TxDOT is taking is the digital execution of digital twin models for bids and construction using 3D models created during the design process. TxDOT recognizes how this method of running a job offers advantages over traditional methods. Using intelligent 3D models allows you to improve designs to ensure project intent and streamline constructability reviews, reducing contract modifications and requests for information.
“I would like to express my congratulations and thanks to the teams that are carrying out the vision of 3D digital twin design at TxDOT,” said Jacob Tambunga, director of plan development at TxDOT. “Very important initiatives like these will continue to require a lot of teamwork and capacity to obtain successful results. We look forward to continuing our work with Bentley to bring a digital execution and digital twin to the state of Texas."

“We are very impressed by the leadership that TxDOT is showing in executing with the support of digital twins. I believe this is exactly what our product leaders at Bentley had in mind when they set out to create new tools for transportation, and we're excited to work with TxDOT and other transportation departments to deliver more with digital twin technology." said Gus Bergsma, chief revenue officer for Bentley.

Digital Execution will help TxDOT project designers create and review numerous design alternatives and what-if scenarios. This, in turn, allows for better constructability reviews and optimization of construction costs.
Bentley is proud to partner with TxDOT and once again commends TxDOT, as well as initiative leaders Jacob Tambunga and Courtney Holle, for leading the way in digital execution to improve and advance the infrastructure of the State of Texas.

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