The best ArcGIS courses

Mastering a software for geographic information systems is almost inevitable nowadays whether you want to master it for data production, to expand the knowledge about other programs that we know or if you are only interested in an executive level to know a discipline about which it is involved your company.

ArcGIS is one of many existing platforms, perhaps the most popular.

This is a collection of ArcGIS course alternatives in Spanish so you can choose. The order is not so important, although I have placed value-added data, such as number of hours and estimated date for the courses that begin in the next few days.

No First Name Hours Price Supplier
1 Introduction to ArcGIS free $ 100 Oskar Ruiz - Udemy
2 ArcGIS From Zero. Geographic information systems free $ 95 Felipe Nicholls- Udemy
3 GIS applied to the environment with arcGIS free $ 60 Isis Gómez López - Udemy
4 ArcGIS course free $ 160 Franz Pucha Cofrep- Udemy
5 Basic ArcGIS course: vector model 60 hours 280 € GEASIG
6 Geographic Information Systems and spatial analysis with ArcGIS 3 months 197 $ College of Geographers of Peru - ICIP
7 Online specialist course at ArcGIS 100 hours 200 € MappingGIS
8 Online course ArcGIS Desktop - advanced level 80 hours 240 € CursosGIS - TYC GIS
9 ArcGIS Pro - initiation level - intermediate 90 hours 209 € Imasgal
10 Full course of ArcGIS 3 months 170 $ MasterSIG
11 ARCGIS course: Geographic information systems 125 hours 375 € GeoInnova
12 Introduction to ArcGis Desktop 40 hours 250 $ Geospatial Training EN
13 ArcGIS Geographic Information System 30 intensive hours $ 470 GIS Mexico

As you can see, there are different alternatives. However, you are wondering:

And which course suits me?

1 Free courses. If you are in a hurry to learn, free courses are the best option, because they do not need you to go to the rhythm of a group of classmates. In this sense, Udemy courses are a good alternative, you can start at any time and you have access to see them forever, unlike the others that you only have access to during the course.

Because they are free courses, they are usually cheaper. Also, with seasonal discounts you can find them for less than 15 dollars.

2 Group Courses If you are not in a hurry and want to take a course for a scheduled period, the alternatives are between 200 and 250. These are virtual, but with tutor and peer group, with which you take advantage of the tutor's assistance and queries / answers from classmates in the forums.

An advantage of this type of course is that they are associated with a Master program, so you can take other more advanced courses and access bonus media.

3 Face-to-face courses. This offer is increasingly reduced, still used by universities for the students of the campus; with the disadvantages of high costs and the related implications of schedule, traffic and transfer to the classroom. As an example we put the GIS Mexico, which exceeds the 470 dollars with 30 hours. Although the course is very good, it is limited to a specific geographical region.

What about the accreditation?

It is important that for each course you receive, you demand evidence. This can be a simple diploma of the supplier company, with which you can support your resume, because they usually ask for it when you indicate it in your curriculum. If they still offer you an accreditation that tells you how to complete a diploma or master's degree, so much the better.

If you know of other courses in Spanish that are developed periodically, do not hesitate to let us know.

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