The best of BIM Summit 2019

Geofumadas participated in one of the most important international events related to BIM (Building Information Maganement), it was the European BIM Summit 2019, held at the AXA Auditorium in the city of Barcelona-Spain. This event was preceded by the BIM Experience, where you could have a perception of what would come for the following days.

The first day in the BIM Experience, the activities were divided into three themes so that the attendees kept their attention focused according to their interests, the first of them Build with BIM, second Softwares and BIM benefits, and the third one titled BIM with uppercase I. The Roca Company participated through its representative Ignasi Pérez, who explained the importance of BIM for construction, and also exhibits such as Data Intelligence for Building: DIN2BIM by PINEARQ, o Management of integrated construction projects through the Open BIM of TeamSystems.

During the event, we had the opportunity to meet several of the representatives of leading companies in the BIM world, among which we mentioned to BASF, which exhibited the Master Builders Solutions, a software that allows to speed up the search of BIM products and objects. BASF showed attendees how their software works with a real case, through virtual reality technologies.

The aforementioned case, shows the visit of the work and how the BIM model is managed in real time with the solution presented by its software, being able to visualize its final result; this was a very appropriate play by BASF, who also offered the audience a cardboard to live the complete experience.

"For a specific project, it makes a recommendation of what the necessary products are and allows you to download all the information of those products, including the BIM object automatically without having to go through a library and use filters". Albert Berenguel - European Marketing Manager of BASF Construction Chemicals Spain

Also, we met the team of Visual Technology Lab, company designed to create solutions for all those involved in the chain of construction, such as, take BIM models to glasses-virtual reality glasses / augmented or mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet , with the purpose of managing the BIM on site at work. They offer a large number of services, such as: BIM integration to virtual reality and augmented reality, BIM-VR multi-user models or 360º / 3D-360º video photography.

"Visual Techology offers applications that work on a mobile or tablet and what we do is place a session box in the model, put a stake mark directly on it and export that session box, not the entire model, only what we want, with the mobile, which has previously installed technologies if it is Apple ARKit or Android ARCore, it is possible to modify the scale of the model, consult the type of material or element that contains the model, shape, finish and create combinations ". Iván Gomez - Visual Technology Lab

Subsequently, we continued to visit the presentations of each of the speakers, we found the representative of Lumion Alba Sánchiz, who explained how the new version of Lumion 9 works, a tool - one could say -, more than useful for all those who need to use more time in the design of construction than in the rendering process. This software allows the import of CAD / BIM models and render them in a easy way.

"Lumion 9 is compatible with BIM software and architectural design such as: Sketchup, Rhinoceros, Graphisoft ARCHICAD, Autodesk 3DS Max, Allplan, Autodesk Revit, Vectorworks and AutoCAD." Alba Sánchiz -LUMION

The representatives of GRAPHISOFT, showed the new version of ARCHICAD 22, one of the pioneer software in the world BIM - for data management and project coordination-, in turn, announced their new platform of continuous training.

"The training platform is based on a subscription system, very innovative, aimed at both students and professionals. You do not pay for a specific course, but with the subscription you get access to all courses and levels that contain , depending on the user's need, all validated and certified by GRAPHISOFT ". GRAPHISOFT-ARCHICAD

You can not leave out the representatives of the 5 Nordic countries, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Sweden - special guests for this 5ta edition of the BIM Summit - each and every one of their presentations focused on hinting that there is still A long way to go in the BIM theme.

Among the exponents, was Gudni Gudnasson, who spoke about all the challenges that arise when implementing BIM strategies, also Jan Karlshoj explained the impact of public requirements for OpenBIM in Denmark, finally highlights Anna Riitta Kallinen, who showed the RASTI project, as a strategy and route for the standardization of information management in the built environment.

We continued the day of presentations, with the presentation of the representative of Bentley Systems Anna Assama, who took pains to show the importance of technological innovations, their relationship with the environment, and how Bentley has been changing its horizons through this new perspective of inclusion of the environment in the life cycle of construction.

"Synchro, is not purely simulation 4D and period, is a platform for control management" - Ana Assama - Bentley Systems

Next, Assama explained, what are the tools offered by Bentley, starting with data consolidation in a cloud-cloud service, analysis functionalities - Power BI-, planning - SYNCHRO PRO-, control and usability -SYNCRO XR-, having all a feedaback, complete thus creating an integral system.

"Synchro is anything but a design program, with Synchro you can plan and manage the information, only having 3D models with work data, that is, start and end dates, you can estimate how the completion of the task will be with certain Analytics "Anna Assama - Bentley Systems

Digital modeling can now be part of physical reality, through the Synchro XR for Hololens, an essential element based on mixed reality, that is, now you can build taking into account the reality of the environment.

One of the most important news, which was mentioned in the BIM Summit 2019, is that, for the Government of Catalonia, the use of the BIM will be mandatory, in all civil construction and construction contests; This was announced by the Secretary General of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia - Ferrán Falcó. The measure will come into effect from the 11 in June this year, and will have an amount greater than the 5,5 million euros. It should be noted that, in many provinces of Spain, some use of BIM is required in public construction projects

In the 5ta edition of the BIM Summit, it is not possible to choose what was best, simply because by taking a look at everything that integrates a large network of large, medium or small companies, researchers, academics, students, represents a great world of possibilities, to which many professionals would like to be linked.

It highlights the disposition of its exhibitors, to show each of their technological innovations, and make visitors understand how they can change the way we model our existing world and create new interventions or objects quickly, efficiently.

We thank all those who provided explanations about BIM, and presented their innovations, such as the members of SIMBIM Solutions, BIM Academy, MUSAAT, ASSA ABLOY, ACCA Software, CALAF, ARCHICAD, Building Smart, the Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia- IteC, ProdLib. Pinearq, TeamSystem Construction and Construsoft, the latter received the prize for BIM Summit loyalty this 2019.

We look forward to the next event related to this topic, hopefully including technologies such as GIS - Geographic information systems, indispensable for determining spatial dynamics, its relationship with the BIM and with the entire chain that involves a construction project. We go ahead!

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