Transoft Solutions and Plexscape make alliance to offer the most realistic representation of 3D vehicles in Google Earth

Transoft Solutions Inc., a world leader in transport engineering design and analysis software, has partnered with Plexscape, developers of Plex.Earth®, one of the most popular tools for AutoCAD for the acceleration of architecture, engineering and construction projects (AEC). A central element of the partnership was the integration of AutoTURN® technology with Plex.Earth to allow engineers and designers to demonstrate vehicle path analyzes directly in Google Earth, allowing them to create and share engaging presentations and reduce revisions and the general cost. "

Civil engineering is about making the world a better place and here at Plexscape we are committed to helping engineers by always providing them with the most accurate real-world view of their project sites, said Lambros Kaliakatsos, founder and CEO of Plexscape.

For 9 years ago, Plex.Earth, our flagship solution, allows them to have instant access to high quality satellite images and terrain morphology data. We firmly believe that our partnership with Transoft Solutions, a company that has changed the way in which the future of transportation is being designed, will help AEC professionals make more confident design decisions and keep their projects on time and within budget. «.

This statement is fully aligned with Transoft's mission to provide solutions that allow its customers to design with the utmost confidence. "Plex Earth is a perfect complement to AutoTURN Pro. In our partnership with Plex.Earth we make sure that our massive content of vehicles in 3D shows up well in Google Earth," says Alexander Brozek, Vice President and General Manager of Transoft Solutions EMEA. Engineers can easily demonstrate the analysis of their swept trajectory made for impressive and self-explanatory presentations or to perform rapid verifications in the conceptual phase of a project. It was a pleasure to work with Plexscape on a project that makes the real capabilities of AutoTURN Pro stand out. "

About Transoft Solutions, Inc.
Transoft Solutions develops innovative and highly specialized software for professionals in aviation, civil infrastructure and transportation. From 1991, Transoft has focused on security-oriented solutions that allow transportation professionals to design with the utmost confidence. Our portfolio of planning, simulation, modeling and design solutions is used in more than 130 countries that serve more than 50,000 customers in local and federal agencies, consulting firms, airport authorities and ports. We are proud to provide the best customer service from our headquarters in Canada and through offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, India, Belgium and China.
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About Plexscape MON. EPE

Plexscape is a software company committed to changing the way engineers work in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects, by developing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between design and the real world.

Plex.Earth, our flagship product, is the first cloud-based software created in the CAD market and one of the most popular tools in the Autodesk application store.
Our solution, originally launched at 2009, is being used by more than 15,000 engineers in more than 120 countries around the world, allowing them to have the full 3D geographic view of their real-world project sites in a matter of minutes, to through Google Earth and other satellite data providers.
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