New format of InfoGEO and InfoGNSS magazines

With great pleasure we see that a new format has been launched for the InfoGEO and InfoGNSS magazines, which have traditionally been available in pdf format for download. The new format is under the service provided by CALAMEO for online browsing journals, very practical for search and navigation functions.

digital infogeo

This is available from the 36 editions of InfoGEO and 65 of InfoGNSS, however we believe that in the future the previous editions will be able to be read in the same way. The editorial and thematic content is the same, but not the sponsored content that includes ads and articles from companies in the geospace sector, so that the two new spaces are available offer a new advertising niche against 50,000 subscribers who have both magazines.

Of course, these journals have a high level of penetration in the Brazilian market, for now we see it only in Portuguese, although we understand that the publications of MundoGEO has scope in Spanish and English.

InfoGEO has interesting articles, such as the coverage of the MundoGEO # Connect 2011 event held in Sao Paulo last June. Additionally, a tutorial about tagging with Google Map Maker, some Geomarketing and post-processing of raster data is striking.

In the case of IfoGNSS, it has the technical cadastre as its main article. There is an interview with Hola Rollen, CEO of Hexagon Group, a company that little by little became a giant with acquisitions of companies such as Intergraph, Erdas, Leica and ViewServe.

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gis magazine

We hope that this format will be well received by users, especially readers of mobile platforms.

In passing, we take the opportunity to remember that in the month of September the third edition of FOSSGIS was announced, a new tabloid but we believe it has great potential with a fairly comprehensive and balanced approach. For the Hispanic environment has been launched the second edition of the magazine Lidar News which incidentally surprises us an article on the page 41 where Bentley Systems and AutoDesk are talking in a joint work for Mobile LiDAR.

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