Bentley and its "emerging" technologies for radar images

image It was one of my expectations when attending conference from Baltimore in May to see what Bentley offers for 3D images.

Using 3D images in Microstation

It was a presentation made by RIEGL USA, a company dedicated to providing laser capture and processing services, RIEGL was born in Austria but has coverage in several countries, including the United States. Although its website does not have anything regarding the applications developed for this purpose, in the exhibition they showed an interesting functionality importing a cloud of points directly from Ri Scan Pro a Microstation ... with some buttons to customize the deployment.


Ted Knaak, its president was the one who performed the demonstration, unfortunately there is not any information online ... so the best thing is contact them directly.

The other scheduled show in which they were apparently going to show other "emerging acquisitions" was not made ... so there's not much to show. For now Terrascan, Cloudworx, Cyclone and others similar are still alternatives, nothing from Microstation.

The future of the "emerging"

When Bentley does not have specialized tools in a subject, he presents some private companies that work with solutions, which he calls "emergent". Not bad, Bentley does very well in giving opportunities to partners that develop complementary applications as it is Axiom.

But I also remember 4 years ago that Bentley considered Corporate Montage "emergent", which did what versions before XM could not; nice maps. So Corporate Montage extended very good features to generate layouts with very good features such as transparencies, shadows, photorealistic materials and printing templates.

As of XM, Bentley Acquired The products of its "emerging" and is now called CAD Scripts and Map Scripts. So you should see what happens with some of the developments of RIEGL within 4 years.

For now ... there is nothing in Bentley for LIDAR images, just contact your popup and wait for Microstation Athens, which is expected to be released later this year.

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