What's up with Bentley and WMS services?

A few days ago in a Cartesia forum Tomás asked about Microstation and the possibilities of connecting to map services (WMS)

In the Bentley line at least there are three applications that are in it according to the OGC page:

Bentley Geo Web Publisher

This is a client-server application for publishing services, which reads data from a Geographics project or from a Schema Bentley Map and sends them as services. You can also connect to ESRI services with an application called GIS Connector and deploy layers of an MXD.

For some time worked with a Java virtual machine, from 2004 developed their own ActiveX application called VPR (View, Print, Redline)

According to what is published on the OGC page, Geo Web Publisher has implemented the WMS 1.1.1 standards

Bentley Map XM

This is what was called Microstation Geographics, and has implemented GML standards 2.1.2, GML 3.1.1, GMLsf 1.0.0, WFS (T) 1.0


According to one with a conversation I had with Keith Raymond, in Baltimore, Microstation does not have this type of applications (formally documented) and that they would be implemented in Microstation 8.11 known as Athens.

In fact, the WMS 1.1.1 standard is implemented in the OGC page.

And so ?

In a poorly documented way it can be done even though the standards have not been approved by the OGC ... curious that I have known about this in an AutoDesk forum

1. Through Raster Manager

This is in the Raster Manager, in "settings / Image Servers"


Being in this panel, "add" is selected, and a service is added, providing an alias and DNS.

Then it is saved with "file / save" and in this way a configuration file with .cfg extension is stored that is the one that brings the services.

imageThis is an option to access image services created with Geo Web Publisher, type pss that can be vector or raster.

To load them, "file / attach" is done, then in the previous versions (V8.5) a directory with the alias appears. In XM appears above, next to favorites, this displays the available services.

2. Creating an xml file

For this you have to do a txt file, with extension .xwms and inside place the code according to Standard wms, For example from Microsoft Terraserver, this would be the code:

<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" standalone = "yes"?>
<URL> terraservice.net/ogcmap.ashx </ URL>
<SRS> epsg: 26911 </ SRS>
<LAYERS> UrbanArea </ LAYERS>
<WIDTH> 800 </ WIDTH>
<BBOX> 373364.5175,3761830.49125,392535.3975,3773517.69125 </ BBOX>
<FORMAT> image / jpeg </ FORMAT>
<MAXBITMAPSIZE width = "1024" height = "1024" />
</ BentleyWMSFile>

Then to load it is only called as a raster (file / attach), choosing the file type xwms

Bentley xwms

Beware, this works on Microstation 8.9 or higher, which implies that it does not require Bentley Map. They should try it, because when approaching it feels almost as if the image were local ... wow!

Bentley xwms

Keith, you lied to me.

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    I have not seen the changes of your page, I will take a look when I return to an acceptable connection ... these cyber are a calamity

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  3. What waves you ??? You're gone, hahaha, we'll see each other ...

  4. It's a problem, when it was version J they said that everything would take the V8, after the XM, after the Mozart, now that Athens ...
    Total is always somewhat behind.

  5. With the easy way AutoCAD Civil (Map) makes connections to WMS

  6. I do not understand how Bentley has been the last to implement OGC services.

  7. You're right, that's since 8 Version, and it's for services created through geoweb publisher (PSS) that can be of images or vector.

    The fact is that in versions prior to XM, when making "attach", in the place where the root directories are (C: D: E :), the aliases of the image servers that are created appear.

    In the XM version it appears in an icon above, next to favorites, and does the same.

    In conclusion, this is for publishing services created with Geo Web Publisher ... or with Project Wise I suppose

  8. with what to change to XM ... tell me that I resist to move from Geographics to Bentley Map.

    ... until I went to the BE, and when I talked about Geographics I was looking as if I had said windows 95


  9. I have been trying it in various ways and I do not see how to do it. I think that option can work with Microstation 8.1. and I prefer this version.

  10. Hehe, I did not know what to do either.

    I'll find out and tell you

  11. Hi G !, if you follow the procedure «1. Through the Raster Manager », defining an image server alias, with which option is it subsequently loaded?

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