Google Maps improves its performance

Google has released a new beta version of its map browser, with quite interesting tools. In this case, to activate it you have to execute the link New! to the right of the lab test symbol, and activate the options.

google maps

The warning is clear, they are only tests that are being done, so when going out to the public in a definitive way it could be that not all are included. Also, if it becomes unstable, return to the address:

Let's see that friends are brought back.

google maps

Google maps newsMost practical, now the approach can be done with a zoom window, as well as any CAD / GIS program. For this, a button appears below the approach bar.

The other attraction is a kind of isometric view, called rotary. I have no idea how they did it, but it's very smoked. In the example above is the Convention Center where ESRI holds the annual events, at Embarcadero Avenue in San Diego. See that they are shots of different hours, it shows in the shadow of the two towers, different from the one in the curved building.

But these little things do not take away the taste, the option to rotate from four angles and the approach gives a good use. It has some similarity to Bird eye de Virtual Earth, But it is not the same, this is more like an isometric view and the one with more perspective, also seems more colorful, although there are not many places yet.

This option to rotate, is also in plant, being able to turn in angles of 90 degrees, keeping the names always in horizontal position.

Also added functions to the right button, where you can place the lat / long coordinate, or the alternative "here is", which displays the address and business at the selected point.

Other functionalities will have to be tested, such as smart zoom, which warns when a frame is being made that there is no content.

I leave them for you to try.

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