New BIM publication: BIM in simple language

The Bentley Press Institute, editor of a wide range of textbooks and professional consultation works dedicated to the advances of BIM applied to various areas such as architecture, engineering, construction, operations, geospatial and educational, today announced the availability of his new title, BIM in simple language, now available both as a print publication and as an eBook for Kindle and iOS devices.

Vinayak Trivedi, vice president of the Bentley Institute said, "We are very pleased to offer the public this long-awaited title of the Bentley Press Institute: BIM in simple language by Iain Miskimmin, one of our experts from the BIM Advancement Academy. With this addition in our library, the Bentley Press Institute continues its purpose of contributing to the advancement of the various professions through global publications for infrastructure, available in print and digital formats. These publications encourage communication between industry, researchers and students, and are based on the Bentley collective of over 30 years of experience in the infrastructure industries. "

Because BIM improves the ability to manage, produce and consume information on infrastructure assets (design, construction, operations and maintenance) throughout its life cycle, an increasing number of governments around the world are demanding a BIM 2 level standards as well as deliverables for projects that will be publicly funded. The successful implementation of a BIM strategy can result in considerable cost savings, improved performance and better results in a project. BIM in simple language It is beneficial for beginners and those with experience with BIM strategies to ensure that all professionals are fully prepared to be part of the industry's efforts focused on advancing BIM.

BIM in simple language condenses years of experience and lessons learned from the Bentley Institute BIM Advance Academy. It guides the reader through the many complexities of the BIM methodology by providing, through a simple language, an understanding of the concepts and building blocks required to achieve an effective strategy. Demonstrate why the collection of data on the asset is vital to the BIM process, and why reliable and reliable information, delivered in a comprehensible and consumable manner, is essential for effective decision making: update, increase, substitution, remove or leave assets as they are.

BIM in simple language It also explores three elements in the creation of good BIM practices: people, process, and technology. It explains how the combination of these elements plays a crucial role in the work cycle of an asset and in the delivery of better results. The book also examines the "eight pillars of BIM wisdom" that ensure BIM's best practices and global vision.

The author Iain Miskimmin comments, "The current thinking of the industry in the digital world is moving at a rapid and changing pace. But the lessons we have learned at the BIM Breakthrough Academy and that we share with you in this book are an excellent starting point for any individual or organization wishing to capture both the high-level reasoning and BIM details. "

Like all titles in the Bentley Press Institute collection, BIM in simple language Its objective is to offer continuous learning that allows both students and the most experienced of the infrastructure professions to increase their experience and improve their efficiencies within the workflow.

A valuable amount of practical BIM experience condenses into this thin and affordable publication. BIM in simple language already available as a book printed in, and also as an Amazon eBook and iTunes.

About the Author and the Editor

The author Iain Miskimmin He has spent the better part of two decades working in support of infrastructure and construction industries, helping to deliver the first BIM projects in the UK. From 2012, he has directed the Crossrail / Bentley Information Academy and the BIM Breakthrough Academy in London. This position has allowed him to interact with more than 4.000 industry people from around the world to capture their thoughts and experiences on BIM technology, including some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world. He worked closely with the UK BIM working group and leads the Infrastructure Assets Data Dictionary for the UK initiative (IADD4UK).

The editor Bill Hoskins He has been a practicing architect for 25 years. During this time, he became involved with CAD (2D and 3D). This involvement led him to develop more experience in the computer industry. He learned to program in Visual Basic and SQL and to develop databases. He helped London 2012 to establish the installation of the database that stored all the documents for the construction of the Olympic Village and then documented the processes used by the team that maintained this facility. In addition, he was the consultant who designed the installation of the London Underground database to ensure that it was fully consistent with BS 1192-2007.

About the Bentley Press Institute

The Bentley Press Institute is a knowledge leader in the publication of textbooks and professional reference works for the advancement of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), operations, geospatial and educational communities. A sample of its growing list of titles includes books covering MicroStation, analysis and design of buildings, construction, road and site, plant design, structural analysis and design, and water and wastewater analysis - all written by experts in their respective disciplines. For more information about the Bentley Press Institute, visit

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