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UDIG, an open source GIS alternative

2014 - Brief predictions of the Geo context

It is time to close this page, and as in the custom of those who close annual cycles, I loose some lines of what we could expect in 2014. And then we will talk more but just today, which is the last year: Unlike other sciences, in our trends are defined by the circle [...]

118 themes from FOSS4G 2010

Of the best that can be left of these events, are the presentations in PDF that are very practical for reference in processes of formation or decision making; More in these times than the free-world geospatial world has matured surprisingly. It is a good example of human creativity, which recycles [...]

UDig, first impression

We have already taken a look at other open source tools in the GIS area, including Qgis and gvSIG, apart from non-free programs we have tried before. In this case we will do it with User-Friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig), one of which comes in PortableGIS. From where arises uDig is a construction [...]

Geophysics: 2010 Predictions: GIS Software

A couple of days ago, in the heat of a stick coffee made by my mother-in-law, we made some hallucinations about the trends marked for 2010 in the Internet area. In the case of the geospatial environment, the situation is more static (not boring), much of this is already said in the medium term [...]

Portable GIS, everything from a USB

It has been released the 2 version of Portable GIS, a simply wonderful application to execute from an external disk, a USB memory and even a digital camera the necessary programs for the handling of spatial information both at the desktop and web level. How much it weighs The installer file weighs 467 MB, but it requires the [...]

Comparison of spatial data handlers

Boston GIS has published a comparison of these tools for spatial data management: SQL Server 2008 Spatial, PostgreSQL / PostGIS 1.3-1.4, MySQL 5-6 It is interesting that Manifold is mentioned as a viable alternative ... that is good after it does more A year we throw flowers waiting to grow their popularity. Although Manifold is not going [...]

GIS Software Alternatives

We are currently experiencing a boom in many technologies and brands whose application in geographical information systems is feasible in this list, separated by the type of license. Each of them has a link to a page where you can find more information: Commercial software, or at least with non-free license ArcGIS (World leader in applications [...]