3 magazines, 10 new geofumadas of August

At least three magazines this month have come up with interesting articles for the geospatial environment, and some of our geek hobbies, then I suggest 10 themes for your healthy reading times.

Geospatial journalsGeoinformatics

My favorite within a Wide range of magazines, Comes with interest in the following topics:

  • ISIP, the Integrated Information System for Production Support. The article recounts the remodeling of its infrastructure, using a multilayer model mounted About Java, Integrating Geoserver for geoportal, OpenLayers for data deployment, GeoWeb Caché to optimize spatial indexing and JBoss as an application server.
  • The Quantum GIS project. In continuity with the FOSS applications, this article documents the experience of use and impact it is having in Tanzania QGIS, Which by the way of its recent version already exist almost 200,000 downloads.
  • The role of surveyors. A valuable article, although it has been a subject pounded in recent times, is worth for its systematic contribution and its vision that although brief, rather focused on the irreversible trend of intelligent modeling (BIM) and the marked need of geographic data managers .
  • Ruins of Ostia. Project of archaeological survey one of the most important ruins of the Roman Empire.

It is noteworthy an announcement of a full page of the SHELL oil company, which is seeking 5 consultants in the geospatial field that can apply before the 23 of September.

Land lines

Geospatial journalsA great publication of the Lincoln Institute, which maintains its theme within territorial planning, with special emphasis on urban development. In this cover it shows an impressive image of the bridge Liede, in Guangzhou (China), the same city that we call Canton and from where the Chinese food more diffused in our cities comes, among them the Chop suey that literally means "leftover of all the meals "

The magazine has interesting articles like:

  • Urban development and climate change in China's Pearl River Delta

    Climate change represents a significant challenge in the continued development of the Pearl River Delta due to its coastal geography, population density, and intense economic development and infrastructure.

  • Extending the scale of conservation of the great landscapes

    Many financiers and their public partners are trying to focus on cooperative efforts for landscape conservation, so the community of land trusts has an excellent opportunity to leverage its good work by embarking on more partnerships.

  • Recent experience with the recovery of capital gains in São Paulo, Brazil

    The application of the principle of the social function of property, which forms part of the Strategic Plan of Territorial Planning of São Paulo of 2002, allowed the enactment of municipal legislation that clearly separates the right to property from the right to building.

  • Cities and infrastructure: a difficult road to go

    As national economies and local government revenues recover, one of the key priorities will be to balance current services expenditures with longer-term investments in infrastructure.

Geospatial journalsPC Magazine

After the printed version disappeared, then the Hispanic one, remained without a face that gave the personal touch and the general lines of each edition. The novelty of the September edition is that Dan Costa rises as editor and surprises us in a greeting where he asks us for help for his new position; It seems ironic but the tone with which it raises it and the value it offers to readers is clearly worked.

I do not know, but in my opinion among the most significant suggestions will be that the magazine needs to change its name, from a time to here there is more talk about iPad, iPhone and Apple than from the same PC. As the cover story shows is "The 100 applications for iPad more used".

  • John C. Dvorak. I enjoy reading it, perhaps because I identify a lot with its nostalgic touch and irony in the face of the resistance that the adaptation of technology needs. In this edition he makes a grotesque mockery of Ted Koppel in the flowery years of Nightline, pretending to tell the future about the typewriters in 1985. No wonder the article is called "The year of living ignorance."
  • Social networks. The best 20 applications for Facebook, interesting to know that there is something more than farm animals.

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