Bentley Map PowerView V8i, First Impression

I got a version of PowerView V8i Select Series 2 (8.11.07 version), the economical line in the mapping area that Bentley hopes to exploit. At the beginning some of my doubts have been eliminated in the entry Above when I showed The three lines of the geospatial area for 2011.

BentleyMap_Image2 To begin with, instead of being a limited version, it has greater capabilities. It is paradoxical that it now costs less than US $ 1,350; Which is why I imagined it would have lower capabilities than the PowerMap Select Series 1 that walked around the US $ 1,495. It is obvious that Bentley seeks to insert this version into the market as an economic tool, which includes capabilities of Bentley Map and all the power of Microstation in a single license. It's even cheaper than Microstation alone.

To do this, it has done a great deal to extenuate the differences of the following version (Bentley Map V8i) that includes the Tools Register and MapScript -This is going to almost US $ 4,000- For more smoked cases, Bentley Map Enterprise has surpassed the US $ 7,000 according to the comparative table that Bentley has made public.

So, PowerMap Select Series 1 will stagnate there, it will go on sale without any sense if the PowerView Select Series 2 is more robust and costs less. The users of PowerMap Field and PowerDraft will be the ones that will see more advantages in terms of editing tools,

In the following graphic I show a difference between the normal Microstation task panel with Bentley PowerView. All the tools of Microstation to build, edit and compose layouts are; in what differs is -Watching the left panel- that the tools for making animations, advanced visualizations, 3D modeling and surfaces are not included; you can see 3D but these tools do not come as in the case of the full versions if you bring Bentley Map.

Bentley Map includes all the analysis tools, with the exception of scripting, spatial and network analysis. Regarding interoperability does not include extensions FME, also the export to GIS formats is reduced, just to Google Earth and CAD formats. It can stick to an Oracle database, but only in reading, it remains outside the management of topologies within Oracle or data insertion; can not generate I-models Although he can read them.

In terms of improvements, it has included the tools to make Review and Markup (these only exist in this license) something similar to what was previously done with Redline but with more potential, plus the sum of improvements in general that involved Select Series 2 . At this level of versions, a thumbtack has already been incorporated to fix the panel or send it as a tab on the left, such as the Ribbon of AutoCAD.

Bentley Map PowerView Select Series 2 (8.11.07)
Bentley power view microstation

Microstation V8i Select Series 1 (8.11.05)
Bentley power view microstation

Disadvantages of PowerView V8i

The biggest disadvantages are that it does not incorporate elementary tools for the construction of maps, especially the topological cleaning, the generator of reticles and that only supports a model (layout) by dgn. It seems a barbarity to take this away from ordinary users who have a PowerMap V8i license and what they want is to buy another license without going to the next level of licensing.

However, nothing that can not be solved by someone who knows Microspas guts:

For example, you can not create more than one model, But does not prevent duplicating an existing one, which solves that situation by right clicking and choosing to duplicate.

Then, to not include the topological cleaning, just copy from a PowerMap V8i the necessary files and cleanup.dll at the address:

C: \ Program Files \ Bentley \ MapPowerView V8i \ MapPowerView \ mdlsys \ asneeded

And to execute it, it is only written in the command line of the keyin: MDL SILENTLOAD CLEANUP

So do not be afraid, because all you have is some inactivated routines from the menu bar and mdls not incorporated. A great gain for all is that instead of existing many versions (Map, Draft, Field, Cadastre, Script) is now simplified to three scalable in the geospatial area at the desktop level.

When to Migrate

For friends who want to stay with Microstation V8 2004 versions, the suggestion is to migrate. It does not make much sense to stay with a tool for so long, even though the V8 format remains the same. In the recent BeTogether of May 2011 Bentley announced innovations in the interaction with Microsoft but between the lines ratified that it will maintain the support for those versions until 2014, year that Microsoft will remove it for Windows XP.

It seems to me that this version will be one of the most used by Catastros that have preferred Microstation, preferring a CAD that does GIS, its price as well as potential XFM. However, the challenge for Bentley remains the same in this line: Create friendly panels to the Geospatial Administrator, the best I've seen to build XML nodes for mapping projects but with a barrier that makes it unattractive for users who did not know Geographics .

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  1. Hello, good evening, I have been working in the land register for 5 for years, we have been trained by the Spanish Cooperation, I have the Bentley PowerMapV81 map design software but it is only compatible with Windows and I use the free operating system in this case it is Linux with the version of Ubuntu I need if there is a version compatible with this free operating system, thank you very much.

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