Colors and lines of the holiday

400 have not necessarily been years of silence, but to justify it here I leave some colors of the holiday with the boys and the girl that lights my eyes. Domestic tourism comes out economically and forms roots in children.

A farm shop for farmers in the municipality of Taulabé.
Information 8 That kid does not seem to lower his shirt.

And this the team just went to take photos to the World Cup.

This is the municipality Santa Cruz de Yojoa, bordering with San Buena Ventura

In the background Nicaraguense beach in the Gulf of Fonseca.

It is the municipality of Marcovia.

Information 6
This is Las Vegas, where the El Mochito Mine is located, seen from El Aguaje, a village in Concepción del Sur.
... pity that on that trip the car failed us.
Information 3
But we did have a good time.
Back to remove the salt of the body and the annoyance of not being able to pass to El Salvador, by the negligence of the authorities who for everything want a bite.
Municipality of Nacaome.
Travel south
The colors of the municipalities Nacaome, Langue and Alianza
Trip around sur2
On the sad side, two children wake up on a sidewalk, one of them with a cart in his hand. Without parents to respond, not because they do not exist.
Municipality of Choluteca.

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