ESRI special prices for municipalities

image It seems that the ESRI licensing change is not just happening At the web application level, but also in the business modalities. Currently ESRI is offering special prices for small municipalities, whose population is lower than the 100,000 inhabitants in order to take advantage of the capabilities of their platforms ... and at the same time reduce piracy :).

These licenses extend under the line known as Enterprise (ELA) and apparently cover the unlimited use of different ESRI products, although it is only available for the United States.

We do not know the value of the "special prices", although we had previously seen it in the Bentley line, when it offered the Select license for small municipalities, which for an annual price could use the entire line, an aspect that becomes interesting for a municipality that You want to modernize geoengineering processes, especially for civil works design (Geopack, STAAD, Water), Architectural Animation (Triforma), and CAD applications in general (Microstation, Descartes, Geographics)

Although ESRI prices are high for "small municipalities", it is not a bad initiative for those who are using this platform irregularly in a country where copyright rules are severe. To know about prices and more information, please refer to State distributors.

Either way, we must recognize that ESRI products are used by more than 300,000 organizations worldwide, which include the largest 200 cities in the United States, more than two thirds of the 500 Fortune ranking companies and more than 7,000 educational institutions.

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5 Replies to "ESRI special prices for municipalities"

  1. Not always, it happens that each country the distributors usually handle prices slightly antojadizos.

    You're supposed to be able to claim a better price for not being the last version

  2. Hello my question is if now that the 9.3 version went on sale, the 9.2 version lowers its price, or which is the price for the moment.
    Greetings from Panama

  3. I consulted with a distributor, and he told me that they no longer sell ArcView 3x, and that if anyone had it they would sell them without support.

    So we can consider that the only way to get it is in the street.


  4. I would like to know if for Colombia they are going to implement the enterprise ela, and where you can acquire a license of arc view 3.1, in colombia esri distributor says that it is no longer sold but in the article you are still selling licenses.

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