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At 2005 it was the first time I attended the ESRI User Conference, always in the same place: The San Diego Convention Center, with large banners hanging from the arches of the long corridor of transparent glass. Clashing with Arabs with sticky beards and white, dark coats from the African continent with smiles of corn, chalk and isolated Hispanics hoping not to scatter to take a new selfie to show off on the Face.

Three things I remember very well of that date, of which already does exactly 10 years:

1. Life is an adventure.

GeophysicalEach stage of our day brings its own efforts, satisfactions and learning. I remember those days when my work was at 80 miles from home, my son was jumping with excitement and was looking for the ball when he heard me arrive on Friday night, while my daughter was barely two years old with big eyes wondering who that guy was Which disappeared the rest of the week.

The other year my son goes to the University, and my daughter does not take more explanations than that smile to warn me of fears that I have not lived yet.

This is the life of exciting. I remember that in that year I went for the first time to the ESRI User Conference. It was just my second trip to the United States and we were going through a crisis of fear in the project in which I was involved. We were paid but we did not know exactly what month it was because they had towed us about three months and the credit card provider had us on the list for the Risk Central Bureau. So one Monday Raúl had to lend me 50 pesos to buy lunch and take the bus to Tegucigalpa to look for travel expenses.

The afternoon of the following day was eating a delicious breaded seafood in a piquetero Restaurant of the Embarcadero of San Diego.

2. Inspiration is among the people.

Being in the middle of 35,000 people, in an auditorium with gigantic screens distributed to see in acceptable size what one hardly sees in a distant scene, is inspiring. But not for the environment, but for the people. Seeing Jack Dangermond present what his life is, made me change my mind about my sectarian criteria between one brand and another, between the privative and the open source that in those years barely peaked.

We will be able to disagree on many things, but we must not forget that companies of this size built the market where the Free Code now lives with the closed box. To believe that they were the ones who brought to the masses the specialty of gurus, the complexity of my laboratory of geodesy that I could hardly understand, people who passionately enjoy it in their hands, between the contempt of knowledge behind and the complicity of opening doors to Who live in the geospatial context.


It was so inspiring to see that pile of cheles with their disheveled hair, as the stretched faces of the English Infrastructure Inspired in London, like those of unveiled circles of the Free GvSIG Days. Extremes in postures, but cloned to the extent of inspiration for what they do, between mixtures of the complex and practical that seem to be part of the same behavioral script that they themselves can not express.

To remember it right now gives me chills, to see the admiration and expectation for innovation skills. They are all the same, inspired by both the Be Award of those years, and the Europa Challenge that gvSIG has now won. Royal!

I saw him again one day at the same intensity, when Hugo Chavez came to my country to insult the businessmen in the Plaza Presidencial. Life made me stop believing in almost everything I said, not from ideology but from lived experience. But I was surprised by how inspired I was in his idea, nothing to do with the cartoons of revolutionaries of my country who had been wearing Fidel Castro style green hats and wearing Che Guevara shirts. That afternoon was a lesson of disrespect for the extreme right and a chair of inspiration for the imitations of those who believed to be on the left.

Inspiration is in people ..

3. The secret is in knowing where things are going.

But if there is something that you learn from being at an event like the ESRI Users Conference, it is understanding where things are going. Those conferences are not going to learn a new trick, there is not even a slow-motion repetition time, a question, much less if we are of Hispanic context that we prefer to understand the message than to waste time in a translation at your fingertips. It is understood in one pass what will happen in the next two years, not only in the software of our preference, but in a pattern that is irreversible in the world market.

When you return to your own land, it is possible to enjoy the same community in miniature format; Between Raul's homophobic jokes, the strange taste for the Rock Crunch of Chamaco, Jorge's carnivorous skills, Melissa's pretty eyes, Manuel's good bitches, Wilson's moon change, Barcenas's space fumes. That world where it is difficult to be serious and where there is never another laugh. There, without realizing it, common sense leads us to prepare the way to the tendencies we saw; Aware that what is seen in the United States will happen here in five years, that seen in Spain could be taken in three, and that what was seen in Munich could never happen here.


But that is where the smokes materialize, landed from astral UML models to basic steps that occupy the municipal governments. To those who can not be taken to GIS while not doing a good CAD, those who do not care about the 3D GML if its basic aspects are to combat the tax evasion from outside and not to be so united in the corruption of inside; There, where little interest is seen in the WFS-T while their fear is that the Superior Court of Accounts will raise a list of responsibilities for not having applied the cadastral values ​​agreed for the last five years.

So it is estimated, an ESRI User Conference should not cause stress to a fan of the brand, nor aversion to the Taliban of free code. It is an event to be inspired with an open mind, to see where things are going, half of them copied from free software ideas, like the other half of this side were born there.

And as a sample, I leave the 5 videos of the best we have had today in San Diego.

Opening Video

GIS around the world. Part 1

ArcGIS Earth

Vector Map Tiles

Big Data & GeoAnalytics

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