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Using gvSIG as an Open Source alternative

Development in Free Software as engine of change

Almost everything is ready for the 7as gvSIG Latin America and Caribbean seminars, which will be held in Mexico. We believe that the gradual addition of public institutions, which have been controlled by proprietary software, has been a process in most of the situations initiated since the implementation of international financing projects.

New gvSIG courses online

We announce the beginning of the registration process for the distance courses of gvSIG-Training, with the second cut of 2014, which are part of the offer of the Certification Program of the gvSIG Association. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the gvSIG project, many of the courses have a discount, and a free course is also included

GvSIG 2.0 and Risk Management: 2 webinars approaching

It is interesting how traditional learning communities have evolved, and what previously required a conference room with its complications of distance and space, from an iPad can be seen from anywhere in the world. In this context, it is very close to developing two webinars that we should all take advantage of, considering that for

What the new gvSIG 2.0 version implies

With great expectation we announce what the gvSIG Association has communicated: a final version of gvSIG 2.0; project that had been working in a somewhat parallel to the 1x developments and that until now had left us quite satisfied in the 1.12. Among the novelties, this version has a new development architecture, in

SuperGIS Desktop, some comparisons ...

SuperGIS is part of the Supergeo model that I talked about a few days ago, with good success in the Asian continent. After being tested, here are some of the impressions that I have taken. In general, it does almost what any other program of the competition does. It can only be run on Windows, possibly developed on C ++, by

November, 3 major events of the geospatial field

In the month of at least three events that will surely take some of my agenda ... and my vacation will be taking place. 1 SPAR Europe It will be in Holland, in The Hague, on almost the same dates as the Be Inspired This event concentrates the innovators of the 3D technologies, especially in Europe where this

GvSIG Batoví, presents the first distribution of gvSIG for Education

The exercise of internationalization and empowerment pursued by the gvSIG Foundation is interesting. There are not many similar experiences, free software never before had the maturity that now, and the scenario of a whole continent that has shared an official language is interesting. Reaching the business level has had its beginning, reach the academic level

GvSIG course applied to Territorial Ordering

Following the track of the processes promoted by the gvSIG Foundation, we are pleased to announce the development of a course in which it will be developed using gvSIG applied to processes of Territorial Ordering. The course is run by CREDIA, an interesting initiative created within the sustainability strategy of the Biological Corridor Project

From i3Geo and 57 Brazilian Public Software tools

Today the news of the integration of efforts between i3Geo and gvSIG has arrived, a subject that seems to me an important decision of the gvSIG Foundation, although it is aware that it is hardly visible result of a whole work that takes months of planning in the internationalization strategy. And other sites will talk about it and we will know a lot