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ARCADIA BIM - Altermativa a Revit

[nextpage title = "ArCADia 10"] Do I require BIM technology nowadays? The term Building Information Modeling (BIM), as defined in Wikipedia, is the modeling of information about construction and buildings. Although this term has become quite common recently, many people still do not understand this concept very well because

All News from QGIS

This is a review article of all the news that happened in QGIS. In this update up to the 2.18 version. QGIS is today one of the greatest experiences of open source tools, with the potential to compete with privative software in a sustainable way. [nextpage title = "QGIS 2.18 Las Palmas"] News

Online store of auto spare parts

So you are a proud owners of a Chrysler? What kind of Chrysler is yours? Is it a Voyager, an 300, a Neon, a PT Cruiser, a Vision, a Viper, a Sebring, a Crossfire or a Grand Caravan? All cars of the American brand Chrysler are unique and offer a

Welcome to the exponential era

In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold the 85% of all the paper photos of the world .. In very few years, their business model disappeared leading to bankruptcy. What happened to Kodak will happen to many industries in the next 10 years - and many people do not realize it.

Bentley Systems expands design and documentation offers on concrete buildings through the acquisition of S-Cube Futuretech

New advanced capabilities in structural concrete analysis, design and documentation solutions Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced the acquisition of Mumbai-based concrete construction documentation and design software from S-Cube Futuretech Pvt. Ltd. The addition of S-Cube applications Futuretech expands Bentley's specific offerings with

Ten main reasons for making territorial data known

In an interesting article by Cadasta, Noel tells us that while more than 1,000 world leaders in territorial rights met in Washington DC in the middle of last year for the Annual Conference Territory and Poverty of the World Bank, the expectation that exists regarding the policies in regarding data collection for

Best QGIS Courses in Spanish

Taking a QGIS course is surely at the goal of many for this year. From open source programs, QGIS has become the most demanded solution, both by private companies and government organizations. So, even if you master ArcGIS or another tool, include it in your

This land is NOT for sale

This is an interesting article by Frank Pichel, in which he analyzes the added value of legal security applied to real estate. The initial question is interesting and very true; It reminds me of my recent visit to the living area of ​​Granada in Nicaragua, where a beautiful colonial house literally has graffiti "property in

TopView - Application for surveying and surveying

Every day we see that our needs are changing and that for different reasons we are forced to acquire different PC Software, GPS, and Total Stations, each with a different program, with the need of learning for each system, and in which we have data incompatibility, it is often impossible to pass the