BIM - The world that would have dreamed 20 years ago

20 years later, I can only associate the BIM as the evolution that represented for that time leaving the drawing table and the paper calca CAD files. That was an impressive evolution, considering that he was from being a chirographer and calculator of notebook + calculator + Lotus 123. It seemed impressive to me to believe that it was no longer necessary to put an electric eraser and a skull on the paper before a redesign, much less make modifications to multiple planes for that change, or throw away the sepia copies of the original, which only served to stain with The red down for the as-built planes or lining the master's table.Banana

I must admit that I was always a fan of technologies, I had used an 8086 with orange screen monitor in raw DOS times. He had impressively migrated from making unit cost tabs in Lotus 123 to SAICIC 3 for budgets and estimates, and had moved from the archaic array of SAICIC timeline to Microsoft Project 4 to control the times, although for inventory he continued to use programming on FoxBase in TWO. Not because there was more, but pirating EaglePoint and SAICIC 4 in those days was almost impossible.

Everything changed, when I took AutoCAD, at that time R13, with a Gateway PC 2000, Pentium I of 133 Mhz and 250 MB of hard disk. Sure, those were the times when I could lock myself in the only office with air conditioning -by computer; not for me- and go out in the heat of half a day with an ocher sweater to buy me lunch a chocolate Crunch and a coke.

To hell The triglycerides that mattered little.


BIM is today to me what represented an impossible when it was the only technologist passionate to mechanize the manual -With what would have-.

If only we had had AECOsim, the preliminary design would not have required the watercolor sketches of Architect Ramiro Bonilla, which by the way were impressive but sadly immutable, in that preliminary draft of the Main Building of the Bank of the Armed Forces of Honduras; it would have been done once in CAD, simulating the different blocks of volumes that cost so much to reconcile with the concept «sober»By Engineer Roberto López Carballo. After his approval, he would not have had to struggle for days to obtain the approval of the construction plant, with the implicit suffering of Rudy and Rubén -Today architects of respect- above all because once the building was developed, fencing had to be done with the patience of Structural Engineer Boris Viscovich and his annoying taste for the use of counterweights, almost impossible with the ideal of spaces in the basement for parking lots of 2.50 meters wide.

With BIM, the design works according to functional areas, as architects do on AECOsim, on axes tied to a template I-model, so that the structural engineer only plays with sizes, executing a federated version of the same DGN on Bentley STAAD; without the endless iterations of Engineer Rivera, with its continuous printed sheets looking for moments of optimal overhangs.Akimim

BIM allows parallel development of the air conditioning system, with preliminary interference control, making a distinction between a steel beam and a concrete beam, in case it is necessary to make a hole in the inflection point, in the quarter of length or if the bracket is not going to allow it. We would have saved a world, after the foundation was redesigned after the humidity conditions found in the area of ​​the elevators, 5 meters below the basement, which involved rethinking the curtain wall and reconfiguration of the foundation slab. Combining BentleyRAM for the structural steel annex, GEOPAK for the topography and Generative Components for the curved design of the auditorium would have been a luxury ... and all about a DGN file fed in IFC standard over ProjectWise, It does not matter that my office was in the Torres Valladolid de Comayaguela and that in the afternoons I had to fight in the library classroom in the dead time of my university night.

But BIM goes beyond modeling the design, it also includes the simulation of the construction process, I remember what it cost the decision of the military of those times to choose a type of materials for the finishes did interminable symbology on the plane of environments; Not to mention the upgrade of dead loads after they decided instead to confite it to move to marble throughout the seventh level. Applying BIM modeling is designed using real-life elements, either with Revit or AECOsim, just say that is a wall, no matter the material, but if defined is said to be concrete block, which will take 0.75 centimeters thick, with 1 mortar: 4, lime polishing and water based paint. Here comes the good, I would not have to be doing calculations, after calculations to estimate the cost, because using the plugin for Naviswork, I can have the budget dynamically regardless of the idiot changes of the bad taste of colonels.


Once the design is finished, you only have to generate the plans in plan, cuts, facades, without being done in the old way, including the views in perspective, adding the plus of the impressive animations that now would not occupy hours of discussion in the headquarters of the Institute of Military Forecasting, with the new board of commanders who occupied knowing again all the details of the project. The IFC standards now allow the exchange no matter if I use AECOsim (formerly Bentley Architecture) and they AutoDesk Revit + Naviswork (which now includes what I did quantity take off). So, to control the progress of works does not require going to the notebooks of Engineer Carlos Rosales, who do not stick with the accounts of the engineer Marisela, the fantasy cowboy Palma, or with the scribbles of the engineer Jessica Ortiz. It would save me the time to process the estimates, change orders and the progress control in MsProject.

Ah, and of course, BIM saves me what it would take to be behind the Rosario Engineer's meticulous eyes, measuring and annotating in his notebook every detail to define the orders in special forms to Marbles of Honduras, bronze railings via fax to The company Torogoz in El Salvador, or the order of mirror sky that came from Miami and nobody knows in which container of the Customs of Puerto Cortes was lost.

If you think that renders with CAD software is the most, you must turn your eyes to the BIM, because it goes beyond what we previously called AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), AECO implies the life cycle of the Operation, that is, the rest of life of the building that at this point, 20 years later it is not seen as an engineering project but as an economic project -As it always was-.

La BIM Timeline Is far, but if something you can win for now, take a look at Revit y AECOsim. The inspiration that causes me is the same as 20 years ago, the decision by which brand to choose I leave it to your liking.

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