MobileMapper 6, first impressions

6 mobilemapper After working with the MobileMapper Pro, of which we have some satisfactions (not all), this year we will be working with the evolved model (0 redesigned) of Magellan called MobileMapper 6. Let's see the first impressions:

What makes it different from Pro

The main thing is that it already comes with Windows Mobile 6, which completely changes the scenario because the previous one had its own menu closed to the functionalities of the equipment for data capture purposes.

imageHaving Windows Mobile implies that it has the functionality of a Pocket, supporting commonly used programs such as Word, Excel, virtual keyboard (includes Office Mobile), Internet, third-party software, such as ArcPad or GIS functionalities such as Mobile Mapping.

It also includes a 2 Megapixel camera, touch screen, USB connection, electronic compass, microphone, speaker, LED flashlight, Bluetooth connection, among others. As software brings the Mobile Mapping, in this case the 2.0 version. The combination of these functionalities could lead to better results or at least avoid the first trend: that aparto becomes more important than the data.


The post processing precision decreased, this I have to see. With the Pro it was possible to make differential correction and find radial precisions that ran between the 40 and 80 centimeters; it is assumed that with this one could have between 1 and 2 meters, it is still good for low cost cadastral survey at a price around $ 2,000 included software for post processing. Although it looks better for non-cadastral purposes or to combine it with other direct or indirect methods.

Mobile mapper 6 Another disadvantage is that these can not function as a base, but it is possible to do post-processing with base data captured with a MobileMapper Pro.

The fact of coming with Windows, adds a series of risks especially for misuse, such as greater vulnerability to viruses and shorter battery life. Of course, we must make more awareness in the staff that is not an instrument to listen to music, videos or taking pictures of the semi-naked bride. Nor is it a PocketPC to surf the Internet in areas where there is wireless access.

It should be more fragile than the Pro, although they suggest that it supports 1 meter drops on pavement, which I am not in a position to prove. It also does not come with SD card, you have to buy it separately unless negotiated with the seller.


Many, I will tell you as we implement it in combination with the miserable Garmin Legend for rural use, the MibileMapper Pro and total station for urban use; ah, we will also apply photointerpretation where there is coverage Google speaking.

At least, Pro's headache, which started from the SD card could be removed, although it was a factory error caused by the Magellan trade unionists, the support always attributed it to viruses.

You also have to break the habit of not reading the manual, because at the beginning I realize that the shutdown button, if it is not held for several seconds, only suspends the system (or turns off the screen); this will cause the battery to discharge.


PD The crisis in Latin America continues, to the rhythm of lessons not learned from what Hugo Chávez did the last 15 years and the stubbornness that politicians did not do the last 30.

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