More ancient and strange maps

I recently told you about Rumsey's map collection, which you could see About Google Maps. Now Leszek Pawlowicz tells us about a new site dedicated to storing and selling historical map services, founded by Kevin James Brown at 1999.

Is Geographicus, which sells map services in printed, framed, etc. formats They have an affiliation system and pay 10% commission for sale achieved from a referred site. You have to take a look because they have some examples of unusual maps on the web.

Here is an example of how the Japanese saw us 130 years ago. It is a map of the western hemisphere of 1879.

Old maps

See this one from 1730, amazing how these guys used the ArcView.

Old maps

They also have a blog to be aware of news or curiosities on the maps. Here is the main list of main categories:

Maps & Directions

World Maps
United States
Middle East - Holy Land
Australia & Polynesia
Arctic & Antarctic

Maps by type:

Wall Maps
Pocket & Maps Case
Nautical Maps
City Plans
Celestial & Lunar Maps
Japanese Maps

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