The 2014 Infrastructure Conference: Inspiration for Hispanics

Last week the Infrastructure Conference for 2014 was held, again in London, which also celebrates the award known as Be Inspired.

The event was much more organized than other occasions, the mobile application designed for iOS and Android was the best; with the updates, agenda, photographs and recommendations for a leisure time almost non-existent. They always gave out old-fashioned papers, but the best thing was the availability of digital versions of what everyone wants to bring, and that does not fit in the backpacks, while activating an app to listen to "Vivir para Contarla" in audio. place to watch empty movies or stress with the map of trajectory in those transatlantic trips.


More than we already knew ...

Among the new acquisitions only SITEOPS captures my attention, a surprising application that automates the territorial design in aspects such as parking lots or urbanizations, readapt the flight before the displacement of a limit, an axis, an entrance or the size parameters of the parking lots and with automatic cut / fill calculations. I saw it in Charlotte for 6 years ago and it fascinated me, and although it worked on AutoDesk Civil3D, it seems that Bentley liked it so much that in a couple of years we will see it as a Geopak functionality.

We liked the presentation of effective strategies that have been applied this year 2014, although I guess they come from before. To maintain the magic, I prefer to write them in their original language:

  • Comprehensive BIM (Playbooks)
  • Intrinsic Geo-context
  • Virtualization of Talent
  • Delivering Visibility (via i-models)

Each carried an explanation of 5 sheets, for which it has been worth the 13 hours of flight which represents approaching the races in Tegucigalpa and falling headlong into London with barely an hour to take away with water the fear of Ebola in the sneezing of the Neighbour.

At the level of presentations, our respect for the size of exhibitors, in which there is no time to make notes so as not to miss the moment of inspiration. As I commented one day, these places are not going to learn, but to know where the trends are going.

From the words of Ed Merrow, in his presentation on the Perspective of Capital Projects:

A project of great dimension does not occupy engineers, but a businessman ...

Project management is the art of being prepared for unforeseen events ...

An engineering project is a test exercise to our ability to manage information ...


This part reminded me of one of my few teachers, of whom regret took so little time for classes. Then I remembered a beautiful teacher who served me the subject "marketing social projects" and the combination with the current mentor who has dropped us from our UML schemes and in a lice shake has told us:

Stop talking about sustainability. Where is the profit of this system?

BIM: the road to where they all go.

The word that most sounds today is BIM. 3 years ago was i-model, which is the same, but in a standard and word that everyone accepts.

We are not going to impose BIM on anyone. But it is the only alternative.

In this, the big companies are committed to the countries passing legislation so that the BIM is adopted as a standard for infrastructure management. Here fits almost everything, because we talk about buildings, roads, industrial plants, transmission systems, traffic systems and everything involved in its cycle: Topography, architecture, construction, modeling, operation, maintenance and replacement.

It is interesting the priority that the mining cycle is taking, in which solutions such as MineCycle Designer, MineCycle Survey and MineCycle Material Handling are being promoted, where the capabilities of Bentley Map, AECOsim, OpenPlant and OpenRoads that until now had been more focused on more conventional disciplines. Of course, we already saw it coming after the 500 Top Owner Infrastructure companies figured markets whose strength lies in the exploitation of natural resources, including mining.

The strategy of going to not the big ones but the giant ones has worked for Bentley, when they talk about 20 of the 25 (80%), 40 of the 50 (80%), 69 of the 100 (69%) and 233 of 500 (46%) use at least ProjectWise or AssetWise to control infrastructure operation. Enough to be quiet, although it has been interesting an approach in which they hope to reach via new channels to users of medium or individual level from 2015 to 2018.

In the case of the Highways Agency that has started AssetWise Academy, it is valuable to promote the training of professionals in disciplines such as Highways, Railways, Transport and Mega Projects, implementing the management through the BIM standard.

What about Trimble?

imageIn this it is very clear, that the CEOs of Bentley, Trimble and Siemens have a very well orchestrated plan for 2018. The Trimble Dimensions event was developed in parallel, in the same week in Las Vegas, so I would not be surprised if in two or three years they announce that both events will be one. We know very well, that the fusion of disciplines (not necessarily of companies) will follow what we saw in HEXAGON, where Leica, Erdas, Integraph and everything that had accumulated became an impressive model that Trimble + will have to reach. Siemes + Bentley.

On Trimble's side there was a stand, where examples of Bentley ProjectWise integration were shown, read from GPS devices, a robotic total station raising data and modeled towards ProjectWise using i-Model. So I guess it has been an intense year of work, in which the benefit is for both scenarios: Bentley comes to the field, with all the capabilities of these teams: point clouds, COGO, object modeling; Trimble has a platform that integrates the workflow from the survey to the design, with options to rethink with great agility.

imageOn the part of Siemens it showed what they are doing, in a subject in which I think they were somewhat obsolete. With the integration of the full potential of the i-model, Bentley applications for industrial plant management, electrical transmission systems, power generation ... Siemens is definitely the most benefited. Here although the work must be arduous, it seems to me that chemistry is not the same; Even in the exhibition at lunch on Wednesday, it was necessary to ask the audience for silence because they were more interested in the bite they gave to the chicken leg than in a somewhat conceptual powerpoint, with little demonstrative evidence. Of course, we were many civil engineers, architects, and few industrial or electrical engineers to whom this will impact.

What about the Be Inspired Premise

On this occasion we have assigned the tables, so we have not been able to make our table with the colleagues of the other magazines. A pity because this time I was almost sure of my predictions, and maybe I would have won the 10 pounds per head representing these hair-yellow.

At the table that I played, we shared with two Mexicans, a Dutchman, a South African and a beautiful Portuguese girl. We agree that the level of projects this year has been monstrous.

It has been good to know that Latin America has brought three well-deserved prizes:

  • The mining project of Peru.
  • The Tunnel under the sea of ​​Brazil.
  • And the Uruguay Ports Project.

After several years of seeing this event, I must admit that the premise that being there is inspiring is fulfilled. On this occasion, I was able to talk with the Uruguayan port project rapporteur, before and after to digest the adrenaline of feeling like a winner, and to wait a little longer. When you represent your country among 56 world-class projects, and your name is mentioned to receive the prize, you definitely feel the patriotism that we barely enjoy in the World Cup qualifying matches. Nobody after a moment like this, will be the same the next day. And this, my friends, is the Be Inspired!


In my predictions next year the event will be again in London, because these are in a smoke of dying. And then maybe they'll play with China, to close at 2017 in Las Vegas with Trimble and Siemens in a single event that Bentley calls 1B18.

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