Plex.Earth, a good example of penetration in the Hispanic market

Just today the Spanish version of the PlexScape page has been launched, which, apart from its original edition in Greek, also existed in English and French.

It seems to us a significant gesture, from which we saw indications from before, since Plex.Earth within its more than 10 languages ​​already included Spanish in the version 2.0.

Well, no taste is the second most used language in Google. But this is also due to a marked trend towards this sector, which represents no less than 500 million people, although distributed throughout the world, are concentrated in the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula. A sector that every day matures as a market, where little by little companies and professionals have come to understand the importance of using software legally and governments to adopt policies to make investment in the technology segment sustainable.

It is also valuable a notorious fact, they used a human translation, which gives the content quite clear, contrary to what Google Translate produces in its best attempt to understand our linguistic whims.

Plexearth tools for autocad

Geofumadas has been tracking Plex.Earth for two years now, almost close to its creation. I can now imagine his creator (A Civil Engineer), asking three questions that surely many had crossed to half a head:

Could it be possible to have Google Earth in AutoCAD, to take advantage of the satellite images and WMS services that are served there?

And could it be possible to draw on Google Earth, having the precision that AutoCAD offers, and saving the data in the dwg?

Could this work with any version of AutoCAD?

We know that the subject is of general interest for any part of the world, but our Latin American context is a segment more interested in taking advantage of Google Earth. If you live in the Netherlands, and you want a digital image, you only connect to wms services that offer it for free, if you want the orthophoto you only go with the Cadastral Institute and acquire it at a reasonable price or free of charge under an agreement Large Scale Map Exchange

But if you live in Latin America ... (with very few exceptions), the orthophoto taken by the National Cadastre with public funds is not available, if you do not occupy a document signed by the President, it is that they do not have it or you must pay a bite the employee to sell it to you under low. In other cases, they sell it, but the price is at the end of the list ... which you do not even reach when you see the price they ask for cadastral maps in printed format.

So Google Earth, with its limitations becomes attractive. With a good criterion of adjustment in the field, it has ended up being a solution to the institutional weakness and the astuteness to take advantage of the resource that does not exist.

At least in these reviews we have talked about them:

We are pleased to see changes that were suggested, reflected in the latest version, that also saw Spanish as a possibility. Speaking with one of its creators, I was referring to almost a third of its current customers are Spanish speaking.

For our part, we welcome you and we hope that this revolutionary product will be disseminated, perhaps the best connector between Google Earth and AutoCAD.

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