Testing the Promark3 ... only photos

The course of which I had talked to them, we were doing tests between the GPS Magellan Promark3, Mobile Mapper 6. Interestingly, in the Survey mode you can form a network, with which the post-processing is done not only from a single computer. Under these conditions you could have accuracies of 2 centimeters in short times, while with MobileMapper post-processing only against one team would take more time to capture in submetric.

The chosen place was a picturesque town, with very irregular topography, typical of these lands. After finding a place where we would be less affected by the noise of the fair, we started the process.

The village 2

We forgot that it was necessary to have lunch, the boys, very piles, even though the weather was crazy, on the first day of the Agatha storm that made disasters in several countries of Central America. By the way, I recommend you see the damage monitoring viewer implemented by Segeplan ... well, how much They have advanced These friends since the last time I reviewed them.

Before I start talking about technical results, I leave some photos of what the technical report does not say.

and that

How much will you give me for this flown on eBay ...

... I would swear that one of those apparatuses is used by the boss to watch that we are not pregnant with women ...

Gps promark

Help me God, how is this thing ... I remembered ...

Oh! I forgot my password again ...


And that s ...

what do we do

- ... and you think they're going to pay us for this?

- mmm ... maybe they give us lunch

- But it's already three o'clock in the afternoon!

taking care of

Look how cute!

Everyone is going to try the Ipods and they leave us taking care of this base.

... and with the cold that is doing.

... stop, there is only qeu to see that hill as it is.

Wow, this cable is a little longer. Who knows if it works better than the cow's belt.

Cow wire

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  1. Hi Mark.
    It can not; The Mobile Mapper 6 does not support post-processing, it means that it can not capture data as a rover and can then be post-processed based on another device that was used as a base.

    From the Mobile Mapper line, they only support postprocessing: The Mobile Mapper Pro, Mobile Mapper CX, Mobile Mapper 100 and ProMark.


  2. Good afternoon, I would like to know if you can help me out of a doubt. Look, I have a Promark 3 rtk GPS and a magellan mobile mapper 6 and I would like to know if there is a way to use both as a base (promark) and rover the browser. If you can, you can tell me how the configuration is done

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